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Ok, so I doubt you'd remember this, since it was wayyy back in February, but we blogged about a new painting we were working on, I should say paintings. At that time we hadn't yet announced that we were working on our book and were trying hard to balance so much at once. Filling orders, working on post storm repairs, and doing whatever we could to squeeze in some new creative stuff. We had big plans for a whole new series of paintings but as with many ambitions, they had to be back burnered. of today we are pretty darn happy that we were able to take a bit of time the past few days here and there to chip away at one of those key art pieces. 

If you are a long time reader or collector of our art you know that we have been menu board obsessed for years now, so of course when the design world went "Chalk Art" crazy we were all for it! We love some of the elaborate stuff, the endless samples of amazing typography, but we keep things kinda simple, clean and country. We like the side of the road bake shop, or the old timey small town mom and pop bakery. 

Painting cakes and cupcakes is truly therapy for us. We just love the aesthetic and we feel like we can't go wrong if sweets are the subject we're working with. And we love how well received our longtime love has become in the decor world. Besides fab bakeries, kitchens and studio spaces, we've seen kid's room with full on sweets theme from floor to ceiling. We definitely will make the time over the next couple of months to fully realize the collection that we've had waiting on our drawing board for so long. This new one is in the shop now and we can't wait to deliver it to all those waiting walls!
Thanks for loving Cakes and Cupcakes right along with us!
xo, Jenny and Aaron 


  1. You two are so talented.... love how you work together too, my hubby and I work together. Love your style~

  2. @Diane, thanks so much!! So so nice of you! I know, we really do hand every piece back and forth to each other and it just wouldn't be the same if we didn't.

  3. I love your works! For you it's therapy realize them, but i bet that for a lot of people (including me!) therapy is to watch these paintings. I would totally decorate my room's walls with them! The pastel colors and the cakes make me calm (:
    xx Zoe

  4. @ Zoe, Thank you! What a nice thing to say! we're honored that our work has a place in your heart! Thanks!!!

  5. Love love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  6. So beautiful and sweet!! xo Heather

  7. These are absolutely adorable!

  8. I absolutely LOVE your stuff! Its so delicate and pretty. It immediately makes me want to go bake cupcakes!!!

  9. Just wonderful - you have such a delicious and unique style, it always makes me smile when I see your new paintings. I hope this new one sells like hotcakes :)


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