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The clouds of the past couple of days have cleared and we've got a very sunny and warm Friday here in Jersey. Me and Aaron are taking the day to reorganize after turning the place into a mess. It was one of those weeks that was so busy that we only had time to take things out...not put them back. I guess like a typical 6 year old's bedroom. So now we're about to cook, windows open, slight breeze fluttering the curtains...and two very lazy napping chihuahuas opening maybe one eye halfway every so often to see what we're up to. I feel like it's a transition period and this is a very good thing. Now for some Friday Faves to start the weekend right. and Aaron are both so excited for Jessie's newest book! The Secret Lives of Baked Goods: Sweet Stories & Recipes for America's Favorite Desserts! We have been fans of Jessie's artwork,  world, recipes, and sense of humor for years. We are so proud to own some original cakespy art. If you aren't familiar with everything she does, we can whole heartedly promise that once you become better acquainted with this sweet dynamo you'll be a big big fan in no time. 

This room is where I want to be on the hottest days of this conditioned shoes...etc...And let's make it every other day too. There is something about loose, slouchy, white slip covered sofas and nothing but white all over...with only the absolute perfect tiny doses of pink and black...that just soothes my soul. And the artwork on the wall is amazingly perfect.

I adore this ring from Karen Ko. I love gold and this makes me think of Art Journaling...adding the last bit of gold glitter to a page...some tiny gold glitter stars. I've said it before...I wish I could embellish my daily fashion as if I were a walking Art Journal page.

We have our little counter top herb garden which is coming along...slowly but surely. I love it even more for the idea of it than actually thinking of putting it to use. These tiny pots that were started from seed. But for a more immediate way to get some homegrown herbs into our daily cooking I think we may pick up a flat of basil plants the next time go to the market.  Elise blogged some tips on trimming which are super helpful. Man, do I LOVE making pesto!

We just adore the Art Journals of Judy Wise . Her pages are pretty much the be all end all. Go ahead and scroll through her archives...she is non-stop awesome! Aaron always will see her stuff and excitedly bring the laptop over to show me the screen...and I don't mind bursting his bubble a bit to say "yes, I've seen it already, loved it already, been there, done that, and bought three t-shirts for the nieces and nephews."

These stairs! Covered in vintage florals. What's here is not exactly my color story, but oh my gosh! Such eye candy and inspiration. I would love to do something very similar in our home. We have the tiniest stairway to the second floor and it could so use something special like this.

Ok, off to cook some deelish risotto with some of that aforementioned basil. Hope you all have a glorious Weekend!
xo, Jenny


  1. If we ever gut the upstairs of our house and turn it into a spare bedroom and art room Ive always planned on doing something similar to our tiny stairs too!
    have a great weekend!
    Im hearing thunder to kick off our weekend... Im not a fan of storms.. hope this one wont be anything major!
    happy friday

  2. Your joyful outlook and positive attitude are the real inspiration in this post! But the stairs are pretty awesome too!

  3. Sketches like Judy Wise's are my favorite. Have you seen 'Everyday Matters' by Danny Gregory? That's what got me obsessed with these types of drawings :)

  4. Those stairs are amazing! I'd love to see what you and Aaron would come up with for yours.


  5. Those stairs are awesome. And aren't fresh herbs the best. Hope you have a great day.

  6. @Vivian, Thanks! Yeah, the storm here wasn't bad. Cooled the night off nice for sleeping with the window open.

  7. @ Mr. Tiny, Thanks so much...that is soooo nice!

  8. @Julie Tucker-Wolek, Thank you! I really want to do something just like that.

  9. @Midnight And Dawn, Yes...Danny Gregory is so great! Aaron loves that style even more than I do. Thanks so much!

  10. @Becky, thanks! I hope to be able to make it a tutorial or something.

  11. @heidi, thanks! We use fresh herbs every single day...maybe twice a day at least!


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