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This time of year...when the weather decides to stay in seasonal's so great to sleep with the windows open and get woken by the chatter of birds. The balmy temps these past two days in Jersey has permitted exactly this type of aviary wake up call. Only, me and Aaron kinda shot ourselves in the foot by getting my baby brother Walt a birthday gift that he absolutely loves. His job requires very early rising...somewhere in the 5am hour...and at this hour he'll joyfully use the birthday gift we got him. Why is this a problem?? Well, because it's a smoothie maker...a wicked powerful, ice pulverizing, startle the household awake at 5am smoothie maker!! The boy needs his protein shakes by george! 
Oh well, it doesn't actually bother us. Most things that Walt does make us chuckle. We'll be in bed sleeping away and then RAAAAAHHHRAHHHGRRRRRRIINNNDDD!!!! Goes the smoothie maker. And me and Aar will just nudge each other and kinda laugh and mumble like Beavis and Butthead...huh huh...he's making a smoooothie at 5am....huh huh..heh heh...And then we'll go back to sleep once he's all through.
Anyway! it's that means no 5am smoothies tomorrow morn! Cause for celebration...and likewise goes for these Friday Favorites!

Love this slice of decor seen above! Adore the combination of gold and teal. I could work a whole room around just a glimpse of this. 

And I loved reading about Grumpy Cat's visit to the offices of Time Magazine. Here she is in all her Grumpy Glory, photographed for Time. I just love that her human mom got to go on a nationwide press tour...all because of someone's adorable pout!

Every time summer approaches I just gravitate toward Yellow! And I so love the golden yellow and aqua color combo of these vintage pieces. Just so evocative of time, place, and a certain breezy summer mood.

I've been seeing this image float around pinterest and tumblr and of course I just can't seem to track down the original source. I'm actually pretty sure it is photoshopped...but who cares right? It would be a challenge to replicate...I'd rather not try...I'll just look at it and love it.

Ohh gosh yes! For Summer...This PINK  Instax Mini
 is soooo on my wishlist! So many times when I'm out I want to snap a pic and I know I'd be that much more motivated to get it done if it was this sweetie that I was pulling from my bag.

Ok and as for this pair of PINK Swedish Hasbeens
...I require them now! Like, do not pass go, proceed directly to I need them right now. Love Love Love!! 

Ok, here's to Friday! Here's to the chirping birds of Saturday morning!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron


  1. Have a fabulous weekend, love those shoes.....a must have!

  2. So many adorable things :) Inspiring stuff!

  3. Oh that braid is so cool! Even if it's fake :) And I LOVE grumpy cat!

  4. Your posts always put me in a good mood! :)
    ..And now i have a couple of things to add on my wishlist too! :)
    xx Zoe

  5. @Kaz The same to you doll!! : ) Oh gosh as soon as we plant our money tree I am sooo getting a few pair of these shoezies!! ha!! $$$ XO

  6. @Nancy Wilde Thanks bunches! Happy to share! Thank you for visiting and for your sweet words. xo

  7. @Angela Isn't it!? so so pretty! Love it! Oh geez, and Grumpy could anyone not LOOOVE her! And I think it is so funny that she is a she...not a he. ha! xo

  8. @ Little Miss Pipedream Ohhh gosh thank you so so much! That means so much to me. : ) Thank you for reading! :) Love to you! xo

  9. The color of that couch is beautiful! We've just ordered a turquoise chair but I would've loved to have that shade of blue if it were available. Also, yes I'm pretty sure that image is photo-shopped too; good luck tracking down the original source...tumblr is like no man's land for crediting images properly. Anyway, just stumbled onto your blog through instagram and happy to have found it!

  10. Loving this weeks faves!! And I just recently found out that Grumpy Cat lives in AZ!! :)

  11. The cat is too adorable! And I would love to have a braid like that, but I do believe it would too difficult to replicate. Have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  12. Sweet favorites and that hair is so neat!! Hope you are doing well my sweet!! xo Heather

  13. I will have that hair color combo and style some day. That is GORGEOUS. I gamble with my hair constantly, as really, it's *just* hair. Even if my head turned orange, or green, so what?! So I go crazy with coloring, styles and cuts. I've had everything from waist length hair to a double undercut where I literally could barely pinch strands of my hair and I've loved 'em all. Right now it's about shoulder length and my blue is fading!

    Also, I want that Mini!

  14. Jenny, isn't there a temporary, paint/spray on hair color that you could use to recreate the braid pic? It does look suspiciously photo shopped.

  15. Bloody hell if that hair is real then it's incredible! I would love that ha. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger


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