Friday Favorites

Oh how I wish I could say that the sun was shining here. It's so gloomy and wet. We were really hoping for sun being that we've got lots of photos to take and natural light is the only way to go. But not to worry...we've got a bajillion other things on our to do list to keep us busy. Besides needing the sun for our tasks it would also be some good medicine for this Holiday weekend. It's nearly June and some parts of Upstate NY are expecting snow flurries and then later in the week temps will near 90 degrees. I mean, choose a side Mama Nature! 

I think we're gonna have some sun on Sunday, which will be great for taking a break from the indoor stuff and maybe getting to do yard work. So yeah, despite our crummy weather...I bet some of you are being absolutely spoiled rotten by that crazy Nature lady!
How about some Friday Favorites?

The above vases make me feel so calm. Of course, the colors are responsible for most of that feeling. But those perfect facets and the geometric designs are so orderly and clean...I can't help but to feel aesthetically assuaged.

Oh my gosh! This loft in Madrid has me like dizzy from fabulousness! (yes, first I'm I'm dizzy.) Evvvverything about it! All the white, the textures, the very few pops of color, the eclectic collection of art. Just WOW! Right? Can I just rent it for a weekend? Puleeeeze? 

This! As fellow bloggers, pinners, and dreamers you know what this fab statement means. And as a work from home partially hermetic and Aar really know what it means! Ha! And I think Aaron, the chronic reader of fiction, can take this a step further so that it says: "people who don't exist." 

Summertime means BBQs, picnics, get togethers...and just what are any of those things without a great dessert? (if you said 'worthless' or 'nothing' then we should hang.) This Chocolate Ricotta Icebox Cake looks sooo darn good and is perfect for the hot months! It's seriously killing me right now! Oh you better believe this is going to happen...yep! You gotta Treat Yo Self every once in a while! ;)

These fabulous Gatsby Inspired nails...oh my! I've been a black and gold girl forever, so these fit right in with my deal. Love the sparkly bits! And Aaron talks about "Scott" as if it's his best friend from high school.

I Love the work of UK based artist Charlotte really really love her work. Her balance of light and dark are perfect and there's always just the right amount of pattern. Nothing is overwrought...there's a simplicity that's simultaneously complex. Which is something to strive for in art. All the best art is a contradiction of our normal understanding of things.

ok, Happy Friday to you all! Enjoy this special weekend...and wherever you go...bring dessert!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron


  1. I am so loving your blog and you have so much awesome goodness here. Thanks for sharing and have an awesome weekend. Oh, btw I am your newest follower on Network Blogs.

  2. @Midnight And Daw Isn't it?! Oh my gosh I so so want to be there! :)

  3. @bev Thank you so so much! So lovely of you! Happy to share! Thanks for reading!! :)



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