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Hot Hot Hot. Hot dogs here. Meaning the chihuahuas. Jack thought lying down under a cupboard in the studio was his best bet...maybe thinking it would be cooler in the shade? Carlos follows us around thinking if he is out of sight he'll be outta mind and we'll never rescue him. We still have some repairs to do to our A/C post Hurricane Sandy. Luckily it is my brother Walt's line of work so he'll be able to do it. When?...who knows. The guy is running around like a nut. He lives with us and we see him mayyybe 10 mins a day. More like 7. In the meantime, to beat the heat we put a window unit in our bedroom. This is where we go to escape the inferno down below...without it I'd be a goner for sure. Ugh. As I type this I feel a familiar tickle...that lone bead of sweat rolling down my back. We are super busy with lots of book stuff to finish right now, and my own nerves make me that much hotter!

We are now finishing up some things that can only be done in the sweltering studio, then making an early dinner, Greek Chicken Pitas to be exact, and then high tailing up to the bedroom, where we will be for the next bunch of hours. Lots and lots of computer work to do. At times like this I wish we had a tv up there. Not that we watch much tv at all, (besides Walking Dead and Breaking Bad). We do movies on Netflix mostly. Oh but wait, speaking of tv... The Killing comes back on Sunday! Ahh! We are beeeyond excited about that! New case, new characters...but there will be the same Linden / Holder chemistry to love.

Anyways...It's going to be a hot weekend. Great time to make some homemade frozen fruit pops! And a great time for Friday Favorites!

The above paintings are by Joel Penkman, and I can't believe I haven't shared his work here before. Just so perfect. And they really do lower my temp a bit just looking at them.


This pillowcase set is so incredibly charming! Oh it would be perfect in our bedroom...(pictured above) We have been collecting vintage floral paintings for as long as we are together...and that is a long long time! We have some paintings that date back to the very early 1900s! Ladies would get together on Sundays and paint still life florals mostly...and wouldn't ya know it, they called these Sunday Paintings! They are seriously one of my absolute favorite things. Dark, romantic, soothing and even though they're often muted by the patina of time there is still so much color.

This  dreamy setting is from a fantastic photo shoot of an outdoor movie party. You gotta click the link to see the party in full. Such cute ideas and amazing accessories for a night in the backyard with friends. 

Ok I could diiie! This! Oh IKEA you did it again! This cabinet is seriously in my dreams. I've been wanting, dreaming, needing something like it for so long. Mostly I've come across the stripped down metal vintage medical office type...which if you live in the NYC/NJ area...that stuff is crazy $pensive!  This adorable Ikea piece will do just fine! I think my paper mache bunnies may want to live in it! Oh geez...or picture it full of seasonal, vintage holiday bits!

Ok, annnd This! Like seriously? If the Raskog cart wasn't enough, these lockers are killing me! I can think of about 4 or 5 places that these could work in our home. I so so need to get to IKEA soon! geez!

This applies so much to the world I wanna live in. In blog land, in the art community, in collecting vintage, in the world of style, it's all about waaay different types of people all into the same stuff. It's about sharing unique ideas and specialized knowledge, and you can come from anywhere and be anyone. And most can be ANY age! I love that I have online friends and IRL friends who were maybe born in the 90's or they might be in their 90's. Cool is cool...with or without wrinkles.

Oh and by the way...the winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway was chosen and announced! Hooray for Midnight And Dawn! Stay tuned for some really really fun giveaways over the next few weeks!!  :)

Guys it's JUNE tomorrow!! How?!!

xo Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. Ohhhhhhh I am LOVING those new Ikea goodies!!

  2. This post really made me happy and I really needed that. We lost our beloved dog to an accident, earlier this week and we've all been down. Thanks for lifting my spirits.

  3. @Julie, Thanks so much...We can't wait to get there and come home with a carload possibly!

  4. @Rachel, so so sorry for your loss. We're glad that we could shine a tiny light on the day. All our best to you and yours.

  5. Thanks for featuring Joel Penkman's work - isn't it fantastic? Reminds me of so many desserts and sweets from my childhood. Happy Saturday - hope you're staying cool down there in Jersey :)

  6. Ikea! <3
    Vintage sweets, and floral patterns! Perfect friday :)
    xx Zoe


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