Happy Mother's Day!

Just wanted to officially wish all of you moms, grand-moms, moms of furry critters, and even moms of fish and other scaled or feathered friends...a Happy Mother's Day!

I love this pic of my Mom, Grandma, and Uncle. The couch, the wallpaper, my Grandma's hair...yes, I had to Art Journal it.
I hope to be making a trip up north to see my mom fairly soon...after deadlines are met. And speaking of up north...check out the pics below.

Yes, my parents are making great progress on their cabin in the woods. It is coming along so fast...you can't dawdle when you know you've got to have it all buttoned up before another great white winter. 

Kids, do not try this at home. Yes, that's my caraaaazy Dad laid out on the saw. Maybe he noticed a lack of magicians up there and saw an opportunity to fill a void in the market.

It's gonna be so cool when the cabin is done! Here's a rendering from the blueprints. 

We're gonna go see Aaron's Mom a little later today to give her some little gifts we picked up in the city the other day.

Ok, if you are not acquainted with John Roberts, seen in the classic clip above...get to know him now! If you are familiar...then revisit this perfect little video and laugh your heart out. I have watched this a thousand times and maybe every other day you'll hear me or Aaron say "it's the one I wanted...the gift set."

And my very first boyfriend Mr. T, letting us all know how important our Moms are. 

Ok, wishing all of you a Happy Mother's Day!

xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. Your parent's cabin is going to be amazing! That's always been a dream of my parents as well :D
    Hopefully they will get to do the same thing one day.

  2. @Midnight And Dawn, I know!! My parents have been talking about building a log cabin for as long as I can remember. It's so great that they are actually doing. And really hands on doing it. They slept for a whole season in a tiny camper on the property while getting the land prepared. Crazy when retirement means harder work! : )

  3. Wow!! That is going to be one amazing cabin!!

  4. Ive seen that first video before and it cracks me up. almost reminds me of me! LOL! (but not totally.. )
    have a great week guys!

  5. This post's videos made me laugh.

    I'm so impressed by your parent's building prowess. Can't wait to see the finished cabin.

    Hope you had a great mother's day



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