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Hi friends! We are so happy to be participating in this great cause. Like so many of you we were stunned by the devastation caused by the tornados. You can't help but feel so absolutely helpless in situations like this. Right away our experience with Hurricane Sandy came flashing back...and those aren't good feelings to conjure up. But what immediately followed those feelings were our memories of  all the kind souls who stepped in to give whatever help they could to those in need. We had never experienced such an outpouring of generosity first hand. So it goes without saying that we wanted to do whatever we could to return the favor.
When our friend Heather contacted us about this auction she was putting together we jumped at the chance to pitch in. Just like it was here in Jersey, the need for immediate funds and supplies in Oklahoma is crucial. So this auction, featuring original art and handmade crafts from tons of fab artists, will get under way immediately. It will run Monday the 27th through Friday the 31st and we're hoping that word spreads so we can get as many art and craft lovers bidding as humanly possible. We've contributed a starter collection of our artwork as well as a tiny Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake book of inspirational quotes.
Heather, the gal running the auction, lives in close proximity to the tornado affected area and will be delivering the proceeds from the auction directly into the hands of those who need it most. So please do what you can...Like the designated Facebook page, Share it with your friends, and by all means Bid away on some fabulous artwork! So many friends of ours from the art and blog community have contributed and we know there will be some amazing stuff on the auction block this week. 
The great people of Oklahoma need help desperately right now, and we're confident that our community will do whatever they can to be there for them. 

Below are our pieces that will be up for auction this week:

"Ferris Wheel" (retail value 28.00)
8x10 matted ready to frame print fits 11x14 frame
Living at the Jersey Shore, we see our share of ferris wheels. Glimmering on the horizon, serving as beacons of fun and symbols of magical memories by the sea. 

"Old Fashioned Desserts" (retail value 28.00)
8x10 matted ready to frame print fits 11x14 frame
This painting was inspired by the perfectly pastel toned illustrations from vintage recipe books, and our love for classic sweets, still baked every day in authentic vintage style bakeries. 

"Cupcakes" (retail value 28.00)
 8x10 matted ready to frame print fits 11x14 frame.
The undeniable classic dessert. Every baking fan's favorite and our long time artistic muse. Ask anyone...life is so much sweeter with Cupcakes! 

"Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake, Sweet Little Thoughts on Staying Sane" book (retail value 5.95)
Yummy mini gift book features a hardcover binding and pink-and-white dust jacket. Keep the 24K gold-plated cupcake charm on the ribbon bookmark or wear it on a bracelet.

These four items will be up for auction with a low opening bid. What a great time to pick up some art for you, or a friend while also getting to help those in dire need. 

The auction takes place right there on the Hope for Oklahoma Facebook page.

 Auction start time is Monday, May 27th at 7pm CST. The end time is Friday, May 31st at 7pm CST.

There is a preview of some of the fantastic artwork but keep in mind that it's only a preview. There will be so much more when the auction goes live.
Again, Share and Like, and bid if you can...tell your friends...whatever is possible for you. We're so honored to have such wonderful giving friends! Thanks so much for reading and taking part!

xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. I can't wait to bid on all these yummy items. You two are angels to step us and help our friends in Oklahoma, as are all the artists who are participating. Hurry up people, jump in and help...and get yourself a nice little piece of handmade art in the bargain.

  2. So awesome that you are a part of this!!!

  3. I definitely want to be a part of this event. So kind of you and these other artists to donate and give of your time and art items for such a good cause. A friend that I meet 3 years ago on FB that I have had the opportunity to share crafting with lost everything she owns in the tornado in OK. Luckily she was at work when the storm hit but her roommate and her dogs were in the house. They huddled together in a small closet and luckily the 4 walls around the closet and a shelf above her head were the only things left untouched. Thank you so much for taking part in such a worthy cause. Hugs to you and all the other participants and I will be there and bidding for sure ♥

  4. @hockey_diva Thanks!! :) Have you seen all of it? So much good stuff!! xo

  5. @Julie Tucker-Wolek Thanks Julie...geez we had to do something!! Those poor folks in OK ...geez Wish we could do more!! xo

  6. @Angie Bailey Me too!! So far it is going great! Lots of bids on almost all items in the auction! But we still have a few days. Happy to be doing something for those folks!! :) xo

  7. @ bev Oh my gosh wow! Incredible! So scary! But so happy to hear they are ok. I cannot imagine living in fear of Tornado season...maybe my worst nightmare. yikes! Thanks so much for popping in and for your kind words! :) The auction is LIVE and people are bidding! Hooray!


  8. @Megan Anderson Isn't it?! So so happy to be participating!!! :) xo


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