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Late last night the middle brother of my younger brothers arrived in town for one of his best friend's weddings. It took a bus, a train, and a couple cabs to get him here. The first leg of his trip was from way upstate NY into NYC, which was 8 hours...and then a cab to the train, then the train to Jersey, and then a cab to our house. It was maybe 12-13 hours on the road. Epic trip. He arrived late at night and we set him up on the couch. So great to see him. He had every right to be a zombie from his trip but was his usually cheerful self. We wound down the night by getting him caught up on our favorite VINE-ers. Which, if you know what Vine is...then you can understand the appeal and absurdity of our night. If you don't yet know Vine then oh geez it's a total rabbit hole...a great great rabbit hole that you're sure to get lost down for a few hours a week possibly. Actually, I think we will save the Vine talk for it's very own blog post. I kid you not...I  have some favorite Vine clips that pretty much have invaded my life and I reference them all day long. The looping melody of "Chillin' in the crib with a pocket full of pancake." will find itself in my brain when washing dishes, cutting spinach, sipping iced coffee... 
We were all pretty exhausted so we only hung out for about 2 hours before bed. And first thing today, after a quick iced coffee, he was picked up by friends, and they embarked on the final leg of the journey...all the way down to Cape May, which is a few hours away...geez. The wedding is tomorrow, and is taking place at the Cape May Zoo! How cool is that?! Only stinky is raining like crazy here and will be for the entire weekend. Total bummer. 
Like I mentioned yesterday, we are able to concentrate on the house again being that we have completed the book! So today we are scraping the walls free of peeling paint in the the non-gutted bathroom. I am so so excited! Seriously! I mean, scraping paint is no fun...but I'm excited for the progress. We'll be blogging all of it, so stay tuned!

Well, despite that 3 paragraph extended greeting...this is a Friday Favorites post!

First on the list, that dollhouse up top. I am a sucker for dollhouses. But I must specify... I am way more into very very handmade homemade types. I don't really go for the perfectly crafted untouchable type. For me, the quirkier, the more thrown together with spare wood by a dad in his workshop, the better. So this here dollhouse I spied on Rachel Ashwell's Instagram had me swooning to no end! The vintage floral wallpaper is perfection! I love seeing giant florals on tiny walls. Me and Aaron have done hand painted versions of that in people's homes and it looks so awesome.

Kittens in a box!!! Need I say anymore?! Kittens in a box!! Look at that guy - front left middle...squished between his siblings...the only guy making eye contact with the camera. Oh boy oh boy! I wanna make tiny party hats for these guys! Kittens in a box!!!!

I love everything about this little kitchen vignette. The soft tones, aged surfaces, and texture. Just so classic and pretty. We've painted our walls so so many times and I never can tell if I'm a colored wall type of gal or a white wall type of gal. Depends on the day and the mood and the light and the wind speed and barometric pressure I think. Anyway, I love the way that these accessories do all of the talking. Pop over to Sandra's blog to see more!

Gosh I don't know what it is about this painting by Terry Miura. Maybe the years I spent upstate NY, or the stories I hear about my parent's living upstate and their new small town. Rural Americana just transports me. Slows everything down. You have to check out the entire collection. I love this style of painting.

These Chalkboard Art canister labels are super cute! And they are a freebie download from There are a bunch more to choose from. Go see!

We were so so excited to see our sweet friend and fellow blogger Kate featured on Teen Vogue. Her world, her room, her wardrobe, her colors, her cats. It's like beyond "lifestyle" for Kate. That word is overused...and I feel like her special ingredients go way deeper. I'm honored to not only count her as a friend but a collector of our art. It's so fun to see our Apple Pie a la Mode print hanging above her work table. Pop over and see the entire photo shoot! So much eye candy!

How sweet is this dress?! It's by Kate Young for Target. The Peter Pan collar is the topper. I want to paint imaginary girls in this dress and then I want to steal their imaginary style.

Ok, rain rain go away, and Happy Friday!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron 


  1. You not only ROCK, you also ROLL!!! I have all the same interests!!! I also have 2 storage units in WV, 1 hr from Pgh, PA...and I would love to donate it to people who lost everything. It is all Vintage cool, some may need some paint, but great. Can't seem to sell it, here. Economy is rough. Do you know of any way I could do this. I also thought of artist's taking pieces and painting them and auctioning them for the ones who lost so much. I know you all have had a nightmare of it, I just wanna help in some way!

  2. I love handmade doll houses too! Handmade miniature things just get me for some reason. And there's no way I'd want one that was untouchable.

    And I also have a fascination/minor obsession with small town Americana...but perhaps for a different reason than you. I've never lived in a small town, and only passed through them when traveling, so most of what I've gathered about them comes from art, books, movies. I'm sure my ideas about them are more idealistic than reality. But I still daydream about moving to a small town some day when we're tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. I guess it's a grass is greener type of thing.

    Yay for Kate being featured on TeenVogue. I love Kate's room and style, but more importantly, Kate is such a sweet and awesome person.

    Good luck with the house renovation. It's the sort of thing that seems to never end, right?

  3. Jenny, you are a great blogger! Always good stuff here <3

  4. I just came across your blog and I love your art. I'm following you on bloglovin' now. :) Also, that dress is very cute. I'm heading home to the States for the first time in over a year tomorrow, and I may have to have a look at my parents' local Target. x

  5. I really love the painting as well- I think it might be the great mint color that's pulling all of these things together.

    Also, congrats on finishing your book!

  6. I loved Kate's room tour! And the fact that they included your lovely print in the story. :)

    I saw that dress at Target the other day and it was on super discount... I even picked it up to try on but then I chickened out. It's so cute though!

  7. @suziart, Thanks so much!! Yeah, having storage units full of stuff is now fun. I can't stand to pay that bill each month. We used to have such a local quick turnaround on painted cottagey it's a bit slower...lots of people doing DIY...which is great. I love when people get creative on their own. So great that you want to pitch in...the Hope for Oklahoma charity is on it's second run...who knows, she might do a third. Definitely check that out.

  8. @My Hideaway, Ha! your name is right up my alley. It's kinda the nickname for the cabin my parents are building...based on our last name Heid, pronounced it's the Heidaway! I know about small town ...though right we we are in the suburbs, and it's cramped suburbs. Back upstate it was far expanses of land between everything...and very few people. It's good to get away to a place like that...even if just a roadtrip.

  9. @ JUNKER JANE, thanks so much! means the world!

  10. @Christina, ha! pretend the trip to the states is solely for Target! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting so sweetly!

  11. @ Arianna Mcquillen, Thanks so much. So happy to have the load off our shoulders!

  12. @Ms. Dee, I love that you and Kate seem to be on the same page in so many ways. Imagine a world with no blogs...all of you sweet peeps never knowing each other! I don't wanna even dream of that world. xoxo

  13. Oh my, Jenny, I've got to go check out that dollhouse- I saw the pic in your post and squealed!


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