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I like having the ability to reign supreme over the days of the week every once in while. I mean, it's not too much for a girl to ask...and nobody gets hurt. Maybe Monday loses a bit of his self loathing, maybe Wednesday gains a bit more confidence in her identity and feels less like a hump and more like a respectable day. What I'm getting at is that I think me and Aaron turned yesterday, which was Thursday, into Sunday. It was raining and dull and we turned it into a day where we weren't responsible for much. Just food shopping, making a good meal, watching a horror movie. And now today, on Friday, we feel like storming the castle and turning this weekend into the opposite of a weekend. Like sure, we'll make certain to have a good time doing whatever we're doing...but we wanna get a ton and art-wise. I wish any on the clockers had the ability to call in and say to the boss "ya know, today just feels like a Saturday to I'll see ya tomorrow if it ends up feeling like a Tuesday." It would be good for the soul. 
So yeah, today the sun is shining, we threw a bucket load of spinach into our smoothies in hopes of channeling our inner Popeye, and the art is flowing...with all of these Favorites on the brain of course.

Love This shade of pale aqua above. And in the second pic you can see that there is no better compliment to leopard print. Like really, it's just a close up, blurred shot...the edges of a flower peeking in, a scant bit of shirt, nearly no hint at a face...and yet here I am...inspired ta bits!  

Yeah I know...IKEA again! They just so so so have my number right now! Last week it was those cabinets...this week its these rugs!! Just love them both so much! I really really need to get there asap! The black and white graphics remind me of doodles in the pages of my Art Journal, and backgrounds and textures of paintings that I'm working on.

Both of these beautiful pots over at Anthropologie. I'm an aqua/teal girl for sure. Just such soothing tones for me. And I'm also a container girl...I've got too many. Hopefully the deck will get going soon and I can grab some of the plants I've been coveting.

This home in London...I'll take it! simple as that.

This Fringed patio umbrella might be slightly more fancy than what I'm going for with our deck...but maybe in some future vignette it'll fit right in. Makes me think of a warm slow day with a gentle breeze, the scent of tahitian vanilla and cool coconut drinks.

Ohhh my worrrrd! Get on my feet now! These are adorable! Gold Glitter Espadrilles form Le Bunny Bleu. Like really, these need to be my summer kicks.

Ok, back to the artwork. We're making sure to be tutorial and step by step minded. We're thankful to the book writing process for making that our default way of approaching a project. Like we don't even think twice...there is NO jumping must be taken...the process must be shared. "We give it to the people...spread it across the country." Ha!

Happy Friday kids!!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron


  1. I so wish my hair was that colour! They are gorgeous ladies!


  2. Your favorites are always so much fun. I love the doodles.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  3. love the umbrella! and want those glitter shoes... not to mention the blue hair <3

  4. Oooo, IKEA! So amazing. Happy weekend that may not feel like a weekend! <3 Monday is my fav day. ^_^

  5. I thought that you had dyed your hair blue at first!

  6. Your hair is amazing - and so are those shoes! I want a pair myself. :)

  7. I love that door. I mentioned to my hubby the other day about painting our middle garage door (we have 2 garage doors & a regular door in the middle) a funky color. So I'm searching Pinterest.


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