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Friday is here and if all of my plans come together we'll be working on the deck all day Saturday and Sunday. It's going to be pretty hot but I'm thinking this will be the mildest weekend for quite some it's now or never sorta. I'm thrilled to be one step closer to grilling a whole lot. I like the idea of switching up the way we cook in order to suit the barbecue lifestyle. Doesn't that sound good? Don't you want to live a barbecue lifestyle? Ha! Anyway...Friday means Friday Favorites...and here are mine:

Ohhh this photo spread seen above and below is from Frankie Magazine! Are you smiling big? I am! So bright! So fun! I love how the multi toned spiral staircase mimics horizontal stripes of color. I feel like I've featured lofts in my Friday Faves multiple times. Me and Aar, like everyone else, have our "hit the lottery plans"...ya know, all the things you'll do and the places you'll live if you hit the lottery one day. One part of our plan is to reside in a Soho loft for two years...but then we'd move to the country after having our fill of the city. 

These mosaic steps are a part of the same you get cuter?! I think not! I would LOVE to do this. 

The studio of Michelle Smith. I love when its happenstance that brings together a favorite color palette.  And there's kinda no better way to "accidentally" achieve this than with a stark white studio and some rolling racks of fab garments. Plus...can you even handle the chandelier?!

This photo...Let's just get in the car and go here. Put on your favorite dress and some lipstick...we'll stop for a balloon bouquet...and some chihuahuas as co-pilots would be good. Then we'll have our little photo shoot. Who's in??
 And heck, now that Instagram has video, we should also bring a soundtrack for us silly billies to dance to!

This saying really has been something that me and Aar have lived by for decades. How many times have you caught yourself making something, painting something, embellishing something, just for the heck of it? just because?
And if you haven't lately, then I suggest you get yourself a print of this and hang it where you can remind yourself daily. 

And lastly, I really got a kick out of these celeb Lookalikes! They're not your run of the mill comparisons. It's great historical figures side by side with their modern day doppelgangers. Really funny...make sure to click the link to see more.

Ok, off to Home Depot soon for the deck supplies. So excited to get started! We hope your weekend is spent doing something you really want to do!

xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. Hi Jenny,

    Since my oven broke last week, all I have is my grill, so it will do. We don't like to use our oven in the summer here in AZ anyway, as it heats up the house too much. When it's 112 outside you don't want the same in the house.

    Should I even mention that I'm very distantly related to Alec Baldwin??? I looked at those look alike's and they were pretty good. I only found two or three that really didn't match, but hey it's fun. Have a great time working on your deck.


  2. LOVING this post!! Great finds!! Off to check out the celebrity lookalikes :)

  3. @ Julie, Thanks so much!! When I post Friday Faves it always puts me in a better mood. It's great to remind yourself that there is awesome stuff all around us!

  4. @ Meri, Yes...sometimes we forget and plan a meal that requires the oven, and it'll just so happen to be the hottest day ever! Midway through we are like 'why did we do this to ourselves?!'
    Having a broken appliance is no fun...but what is fun is being able to let your culinary creativity shine in an otherwise crummy situation. Totally one of those lemonade from lemons moments. I can't wait to grill everything. Aar loves Bobby I'm sure we'll get some tips from him! Thanks for reading...and writing!

  5. I adore that chocolates photo too!


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