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It's Friday! What a week! It was mega hot here on the NJ Shore. We had to hit the pause button on painting the deck, and not just due to the temp. We also had rain the entire week. Like not straight rain, just daily threats of thunderstorms. The t-storms would inevitably show up in the that meant if you had painted all morning, all of your work would be ruined come evening. But with or without the threats of rain...I still woulda hit the pause button. I can't stand heat! I'm no masochist. Stuff can wait. I have never been good with heat and in my younger years I'd put myself in dopey predicaments. I can recall going to the first Warped Tour in Asbury Park, and during Quicksand's set I suffered heat stroke...totally went blind. Really, my eyes were wide open and I only saw black. It was me, Aaron, and his brother Jamie...we used to go to tons of shows back then. They dragged me to the nearest spot of shade and I pretty much dumped a bottle of water over my head. It took a few minutes for the world to come back into my eyes. Dopey me had been standing in the direct sun ALL DAY. And I may or may not have been wearing giant overalls and some Doc Martens that I covered in red glitter! so what? it was the 90's. 

Where was I going with all of that?? Ah, just that it's been a hot week and I'm sure there will be a less hot week coming soon...and thats when we'll squeeze in the rest of the deck stuff. In the meantime we've been catching up an other projects. 

Ok now, Friday Favorites. Before you think that crib up top means that I've got babies on the mind...think not...strictly chihuahuas over here. This pic is about that fantastic wallpaper!!! So striking and sweet at the same time. You know we love a good dose of black! And the tiny floral brings the sweet. Like the perpetual sweet/rock n' roll of Betsey Johnson.

And speaking of black...I love these free printable chalkboard tags! Great for any occasion! Love the kraft paper, the pale pink, the black and white baker's twine. These pics look like they were torn right from the pages of our upcoming book. Which really does look like this...we're making revisions to the second lasers now. (yeah, that was a bit of publishing jargon)

These nails!...yes! yes yes! So fabulous!  So summery...they're beachy, yet Miami ( ha! not that I've ever been to Miami!)...but I so think beaches and then nightlife when I see these nails. 

Yeah, kill me now... Strawberry Banana Milkshake Cake! Yes! That is what I said! Look at this beautliful beautiful thing! Let's think about it's name again, I can just taste it! Let's go buy all of the ingredients and get baking shall we!? AHH! I could die!

This could seriously mean anything. The Future could be minutes, days, years... It could be as simple as cleaning out your fridge, or taking a walk to begin a new nightly ritual, or starting a new collection. Or maybe getting into better eating, or starting a family album...

Ohhh this image! What an ideal summer day looks like! Not sweltering...sunny...maybe a few breezes. Lemonade. I'll take it!

Love this tutorial! Using a t-shirt to make a plant hanger! Eco easy and so so fun! Aaron and I will def be making some of these!  

And last but certainly not least... this sweet little cottage kitchen! I imagine a front lawn of white pebbles...(it's a Shore thing that just works for me). That scalloped trim perfectly frames this space and takes it to another level.

Ok, off to do some mixed media canvases with Aaron. No plans, just a table full of supplies, blank canvases, and Air Conditioning!!

xo, Jenny...and Aaron


  1. I've been planning to make those plant hangers for awhile now... Also, my first thought on that baby room pic, yep, it was... thanks for clearing that up :) The wallpaper is gorgeous!

  2. I am in love with that bright plant hanger! I currently have my garden overly planted with 74 plants but by gum, if I built up with some of these...... Is your growing season short? I'm in the northwest and well, you get the picture.

  3. @Kerry, I know...we have sorta an ugly view of our neighbor's fence to one side of our house and we though some hanging plants would distract from it. We do alright season 6 months, but lately we've been getting freezes in the middle of spring.

  4. Jenny and Aaron the canvases are lovely. You are so blessed to be so talented. I love the mixed media because it brings me in to another world of pastels, textures, stars and lovely pink haired ladies. Would love to win the masterpiece. Beautiful to look at. thanks for sharing and for an opportunity to possibly win. Teresa Bussey,RN


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