Goodbye Google Reader Hello bloglovin!

Hi guys! I wanted to pop in to remind you or to let you know for the first time, that Google Reader will  no longer exist after July 1st. I know I know... now what?! I myself have been blogging and reading  (collecting) blogs going back to 2006...and adding them to my google reader. We've all done so much blog hopping, reading, writing...and worked hard to grow readership and find like minded peeps. Well the good news is that you can keep your reading list by transferring it to bloglovin. And you can make sure to spread the word so that your very own followers know to transfer/import their reading lists as well. I've been using both Google Reader and bloglovin for a while, so I do have some followers over there already. I'd love for the GFC folks to give it a try.
 The bloglovin setup pretty much blows away Google Reader on a bunch of levels. Its super easy to navigate, and actually more fun. It's a great way to discover new blogs as well. For every blog you follow, bloglovin will suggest similar blogs! And there is also a directory of popular blogs. I'm thinking this may even be a fresh start for some bloggers...those bloggers who took a short break from blogging and are now looking to get back into the fun. 

bloglovin's Help page has everything you could need. You will be all set up in minutes! With one click all of my Google Reader blogs were imported...and let me tell you - it was a ton!! I actually have to take the time to go through and make sure all of those blogs are still in existence. There are widgets to place on your side bar for new readers to follow you.

So don't panic, but also don't wait til the last second. Take the 10 mins to pop over, explore, transfer, and follow! 

You can follow me on bloglovin right here!

Happy Blogging!!
xo Jenny


  1. I'm so in love with bloglovin! At first I was not loving it - it being so different from Google Reader. And yesterday when I heard the clock ticking louder, I new it was time to give all the alternatives a new go of it. And I fell in love with bloglovin! It's because it's NOT like google reader, and for all the same reasons you say. Just now I tried a new-to-me reader that was mentioned about in my comments - that it was just like GR... and I tried it, and I thought why go back to that?! I ramble, I'm just so excited about bloglovin (even though I dislike it's name) and love seeing people I love loving it also. The party continues!!

  2. When I started blogging two years ago Bloglovin' was not all that great. They've improved it loads and now I'm actually enjoying it! (Biggest benefit is them showing who you are following and who your followers are. That used to all be anonymous...) I'm hoping my readers remember to make the switch, too. =)

  3. Thanks so much for this great info - I've joined and am following you over there now :)

  4. Just found you through Patricia's Pattern Pattisserie blog, and she's going the BlogLovin' route, too.

    I'm a bit worried, though - don't you have to have a Facebook account to connect with BlogLovin? I'm one of the few people on the planet who doesn't do the FB thing, so can I sub to your blog (and Patricia's, as well as the 200+ other blogs I sub to!!) via BlogLovin'?

    At the moment, I've switched over to Feedly, but only because I panicked as time was running out for Google Reader. Can't say I'm overly impressed with Feedly, though - it's too much like a glossy magazine format. I really loved Redaer and hate the fact that it's being unnecessarily 'retired'.


  5. Thanks for the extra little "PUSH" here to get me moving, Jenny! I don't know why Blogger wants to get rid of their blog reader, but guess they have some reason. I just finished moving over to Bloglovin. Thank you!
    p.s. JUNE, I used my email instead of Facebook to join - worked fine.


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