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There's a line in Nina Simone's song "Feeling Good" that me and Aaron always reference and try to live up to...When she sings: "Sleep in peace when day is done, that's what I mean."
It's not too lofty a goal, but still...that good feeling of worthy accomplishment at the end of the day is elusive most of the time. For us, we find that peaceful sleep when our day is spent in the studio...and not just the day but the evening too. I'm happy to say that our week so far has been like that. Me and Aar sitting across from each other at the work table, making art until it's time for dinner, then after a quick meal we return to the studio and work until bed time. But the trick is to make the evening work session completely elective and extracurricular. The night work is the stuff we want to do but don't have to do. 
 The images above and below are some studio pics...actually some outtake shots from our book projects. So if you like the glimpses you're catching here...chances are you'll like the book too!   

We love our little cubbies. A little blend of form and function...we keep our everyday rolls of washi tape here, as well as some spools of twine and thread...and yes, the doll head in the top right cubby is now a makeshift twine dispenser. We just have to ask him to bite down once we've pulled the proper length of twine. ; ) 

A rare selfie. There's always this nervous look in the eye...a bit of a deer in headlights...with a bit of clumpy mascara.

Love our studio night lights! For the studio we're drawn to the same lighting that we'd have outdoors. They just feel festive and offer just the right amount of ambient glow. 

And this amaaazing illuminated heart doesn't just light the room, it warms our hearts! A surprise gift from our friend showed up at our doorstep completely out of the blue! A while back this lighting company was a Friday Favorite of mine and Becky took note. My original plan was to get a light like this for the deck once we re-do it. Well, the deck isn't yet done, so for now we've brought the outdoor mood into the studio. We treasure this! We are so lucky to have Becky as a friend!

Ok, so here's an example of some of that unrequired night time studio work. We had a couple palettes full of paint that we didn't want to waste, and this pack of plain parchment bookmarks. I said, lets do three plans, no theme, just three for me and three for Aar...and just go.

Here are Aaron's three bookmarks. His are very paper collage-y. His first instinct was to flip through our Instagram pics from Persnickety Prints and choose an image for each bookmark...and then just go from there. So one features a shot of our fave house and car down the shore, for the next one he went with a bunch of overlapping circles to match the circular pic of me, and then he chose some dictionary page and vintage game letters (for his initials) to pair with the shot of himself reading.

I love how he used the roses...and also how he made everything all sepia around the edges.

Now look at how different mine are from his! I went way more Art Journal-y. I guess my jump off was making sure to use these fab stamps that I got recently. (from Lawn Fawn & Pam Garrison)  I love simple black ink stamps and sketchy stuff like my faux stitching when they're set against a clean white background.

And I love the subtle pastel stamping that's behind everything. Also, I added some rick rack to my twine bundles for a lil extra bit of cute.

Here's a closer shot in case you were unable to read the small print. I came up with two lines that I aspire to wholeheartedly.

And I love this metallic gold stamp pad from StazOn! I used it for the stars on each bookmark. Yeah, I'll tie gold in whenever I can!

Ok, that's it...that's life lately over here at Casa de Holiday. I hope your week is going fabulously! Can't wait to share more artful fun with you guys very soon!

xo, Jenny & Aaron 


  1. Love you tags,housewives pics are fab and the pic of you...well you are just beautiful.
    Your studio is wonderful

  2. Love love love your photos ... and those bookmarks are beautiful!!

  3. Earnestly, when I first saw your picture I thought it was a picture of a doll. I see in you the humility of suffering and a quiet beauty. God is working in your life. Blessings to you and comfort and grace for all you have been thru in these past months.

  4. What a fabulous post...makes me happy! Ha, I'm the same way about selfies...always so hesitant to do one...but we usually think they're worse than they really are, don't we? You look love with your pink hair!!

  5. @Dawn Gold, oh gosh...thanks so much! You are the sweetest!!!

  6. @ Julie, thanks so much! You are too too nice!

  7. @ Loretta, Wow, thanks so much! We are so grateful for wonderful friends like you. This is what keeps us going and doing everything we're doing.

  8. @ Margarita, yes, cameras are scary when they're pointed in the wrong direction. I love aiming them elsewhere! Thanks so so much! Way too kind.

  9. I love your studio...perfect incubator for extraordinary creations. I can't wait to see the rest of your home. Can't wait for the book. I hope you do a book on home décor and one on your amazingly different and exceptionally delicious recipes.

  10. I must find a heart lamp like the one you have. It is awesome!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  11. I love how we can each take a similar project and do something totally different! Thanks for always sharing your mediums as well - always great to go and try something I have never used before!

  12. Ah Jenny and Aaron, I love the star there! I knew when I saw it that it was meant for y'all. And your beautiful picture with your deer in the headlights eyes. You are beautiful inside and shows through your art. And Aaron is beautiful too in his own way...heehee! Love his tags! Much love to my NJ friends! Becky P.S. I ordered your book on Amazon - can't wait til October!!

  13. Love your selfie...very pretty. I also love how your husband gets in the mix. Really sweet.

  14. the bookmarks are awesome and I love the doll head string holder - you guys are soooo clever!!!


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