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I want to introduce you guys to my Feature Sponsor, The College Tourist! Everyday is a Holiday has super diverse readership. Some of you visit to check out recipes, some for craft and art tutorials, some for my sparkling personality (wink wink), some for glimpses of sleeping chihuahuas... And the age range is all over the map. We've got college age peeps here, their parents, and their grandparents. I would think all three of those groups would be into The College Tourist. It's such a fabulous really could get lost in all of the content. Everything from fashion tips, to eating, to living on the cheap, and traveling of course. News about upcoming events, charity runs, music...And you can contribute your story, your knowledge. In fact, that's kinda the point. It's all about an active community of sharing experiences. So to my college age readers...check it out, my parents of and grandparents the same. You will definitely benefit from all of their fun content. Below is some more info from College Tourist founders Alison and Lori...two sweet Aussie expats in the US!

We are Alison and Lori, two Australians who, after living in cities around the world and traveling the globe, made a road trip to the United States and decided to stay. It is here that our global adventures with began. 
We believe in the personal growth gained through the experience of travel especially during your college years.  College Tourist’s mission is to promote the voice of students as they experience college life, living like a local in their college town or on study abroad.  We are inspired by the journeys, stories and achievements of the college students we meet.  The majority of the 19 plus million students who currently attend college in the US have traveled away from home. We love that this makes them college tourists in their new towns, cities and countries.

Our blogging community provides students a platform to share their journey through lifestyle and travel posts.  Students are able to create author’s profile pages that highlight their work by signing up right on the site.   In addition, our Postcard Project shares snap shots of what’s great about each college town.
Whether students are at home, in their college town, or on study abroad, we value what they have to say about where they are.


  1. How did you guys start your blog?! My sister and I really want to start one, but we just aren't sure about what the first steps should be. Thanks for any advice you can give :)

    1. Gosh there are so many ways to answer your question. We've been blogging since 2006. If you could give a few specific questions that would be helpful. We'll see if we can narrow it down for you guys.

    2. Also...ask any questions using the contact form thats up to the right...that way we can get back to you directly etc...Thanks!


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