Product Review: Scrub Buddy Sugar Body Scrubs

I'm definitely a thrifty gal when it comes to shopping for myself. I always say "well, I don't really neeeed it." and I'll leave the store or website empty handed. But when it comes to Bath and Body products, I WILL open the wallet. They are one of the very few things I will spend money on. I can remember back over the years...if I got birthday went to bath and body stuff. Or if someone asked me what I'd want as a gift I could give them a list of scrubs, bath bombs, body butters, in a hot second.
 And what I usually go for are the products that are handmade from small independent shops on etsy. I mean, first off, the quality is usually way better when the product is coming from someone who is passionately planning, dreaming, creating, testing, and marketing all on their own. Me and Aaron can definitely relate.

So when I got the opportunity to try out these new Scrub Buddy Sugar Body Scrubs I jumped at the chance. Scrub Buddy is a newer business, located in South Carolina, with a whole bunch of scrubs available on etsy. So many scents...seasonal, fruity, floral, bakery, mens, dupes...Yes, I was thrilled to try this good stuff.

These scrubs are made to order. They come to you in an 8 oz. container...simple clean design, and with tiny little "spoons" for scooping. The scrubs are packed real tight so you get plenty and the spoons are great for digging in.

I really wanted to give you guys a good review with plenty of detail. So at home I kept my opinions to myself and gave some scrubs to Aaron and my little brother Walt...who is a manly man. And here's what we all had to say:

Me: I've tried many many scrubs, so I know what I like and don't like. What works for me. I chose the  Chocolate Decadence Cupcakes to try first. I normally don't go for chocolate scents, but this had a great creaminess to it. It lists coconut and buttercream as notes, which are faves of mine. I found that it was perfect for my knees, shoulders, elbows and heels. Now with the summer months upon us...being that I'm not a sun type of gal...I usually use a sunless tanner. So scrubs are perfect for prepping the skin for an even and smooth application of tanner. 
 I will say that if you do not like the feeling that coconut oil leaves on your skin, you should use the scrubs before your usual body wash. That way you can get all the benefits of the scrub while also washing them away afterwards. I am really interested in trying out some of the summer scents like Coconut Cabana, Beach Bum (similar to Bobbi Brown's Beach), Sun & Sand . And Pina Colada sounds fantastic!

Aaron: I gave Aaron a handful of scents and wouldn't ya know...his first choice was also the Chocolate Decadence Cupcakes. He loved the stuff...and as of this typing...he used it all up! He get's rough skin on his arms and loved how smooth the scrubs made everything. And he likes smelling the chocolatey scent in his forearm hair during the hour or so after showering. He also tried some of the manly type scents and liked those too...but he's a cupcakey and sweet kinda guy when it comes to scents.

Walt: As I've mentioned many times, my youngest brother Walt lives with us, and we see him for about an hour a week...tops. He works like crazy, and even if he is here on the property...he'll be out under some motor...draining things...getting covered in grease and dirt. The longest duration of time we'll see him for is when he's grabbing a towel before showering and then when he's in the laundry room searching for socks afterward. So I grabbed him pre-shower and told him about the Scrub Buddy...then handed him a few options to take in the shower with him. The Perfect Man , Cool Water Type, and also gave him one to give to his girlfriend Val who was coming over later that night. I figured she might go for Strawberry Milkshake.  
Well, as always he was in a very big rush to go look at some motor or maybe to go to his "mandatory monthly meeting" of his mud club...yes, a club for driving Jeeps in the mud. So normally he'd jump out of the shower, dress in record time and then we'd hear the door close and his Jeep start in the driveway.
But on this night he walked into the living room in his towel to tell us how much he liked the scrub.
He says: "I really like it, it made my arms really soft and I smell really good"
 So wowzer...there you go...a review from a real deal "DUDE"...the manliest of men. But here's the kicker...Guess what scent he went with? The Strawberry Milkshake!! ha!! He loved it! Says he'd love more! It really made me and Aar chuckle.

So, even though the men in my life opt for the sweeter scents...they both agreed that the scrubs are fantastic. 

So to sum up...these amazing scented, made-to-order sugar scrubs gently but effectively exfoliate the skin...they remove dead skin cells and leave your skin glowing and silky smooth. 
The sugar exfoliates while the coconut oil moisturizes. Your dull dry skin doesn't stand a chance against this scrub! And you better hide the scents you love if the men in your lives are anything like mine!

Oh, and Scrub Buddy also offers smaller Sampler sets! So you can give a few scents a try before fully committing...a great way to find your favorite.
I'm so curious to see how you guys like these, so definitely let me know when you give them a try.
xo, Jenny...and Aaron says Hi!

Scrub Buddy is offering Everyday is a Holiday readers 15% off your first order! Use discount code: WELCOME15


  1. They sound WONDERFUL, Jenny! Can't wait to try them!

  2. @Jennifer, Yeah, they're great. So happy you're going to give them a try. Me and Aar both love scrubs. And I'm crazy for bath bombs...I'm all out at the moment and needed one BAD last night...sore back from like ten hours of editing stuff for the book. Oh, and make sure to use the discount code whenever you shop: WELCOME15

  3. They sound great. I love home-made toiletries and I think it's great to patronize small start-up businesses. Great things start from small beginnings. Look at the Body Shop. It started back in 1976 and today, it has over 2,000 stores and a Foundation which helps people around the globe. I hope Scrub Buddy can follow this same path to success.

  4. @hockey_diva I LOVE the Body Shop! And I LOVE a great story! Thanks for popping in and for the kind words! Here's to Scrub Buddy's success! :)

  5. Such a great post Jenny! I love seeing small beauty companies get great PR...what would we fabulous little beauty shops do with out the peeps who love us! Mmm, that strawberry milkshake scrub does sound tasty....for my skin that is! I can never resist bakery inspired bath and body goodies...must be why I have a whole collection just dedicated to bakery sweet sniffs.


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