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Hey guys! Me and Aaron are finally done writing the book and are therefore free to get back to doing what we love most...Making lots of new artwork and putting together awesome step-by-step tutorials for this here blog! And it's so great to still be in book mode, (meaning...still thinking in instructional mode) but without all of the deadlines. Also now our project ideas won't have to wait for publication...we can make, shoot, and post to the blog on the very same day. The other day we kicked off our summer art and craft tutorials with a great seasonal / patriotic project. We know that so many of our readers are aching to get creative with us once again and we can bet that our ache to share our process is even greater. 
So for July you can expect a whole lot of activity on Everyday is a Holiday. We've got dozens of back-burnered ideas just waiting to sizzle up the summer. So by all means...if you were considering being a sponsor of Everyday is a Holiday...now is a great time! 

 Everyday is a Holiday readers lean towards a creative, artful lifestyle. They love to make things with their hands and support artists who make things with their hands. They've got style, and love to cook and bake.
Does this sound like you? More importantly...does this sound like the people you'd like to hang with, chat with, and laugh with? If so...we'd love to hear from you! It's time to expand your own blog audience, get your art or products seen by the eyes of more like-minded peeps. Our feature spot is booked through September but we still have large spots which include a group spotlight containing photos and links...and there are medium ads to be had as well! If you'd like all the deets on this front be sure to pop over to our Sponsor info page.

We'd love to work with you!
xo Jenny & Aaron


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