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Hello there, I'm Danielle and I'm an artist and blogger living on the California coast with my husband Jose and our cat Lily, who is actually a boy. I work in an elementary school library, and I make art that's whimsical and sometimes a little spooky. My blog, Ahoy Miss, chronicles my adventures, art, and inspirations. I am partial to candy-colored hair, pastels, cats, and desserts of all kinds!

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Hi, I'm Stacey, and I am...
A Vintage Lover, Thrifter, Flea Marketer, Decorator, Stylist, Crafter, Seller of Vintage & Handmade Wares, Blogger, Wife, and Mom. Cottage Industry is about all things Cottage and Vintage Style. 
I assist in decorating and styling client homes both local and via email correspondence, as well as run my own online shop on this very site, selling a curated collection of cottage style, vintage and handmade goods.  I believe in living a colorful, creative life, and surrounding yourself with only what you truly love and find useful.  
​My work has been featured in local and national publications such as, the Chicago Daily Herald newspaper and Flea Market Decor magazine, and is living proof that you don't have to spend a fortune to get the look you want for your home and self.
 "Better to have joy in a cottage, than sorrow in a palace" -Proverb

A personal style blog run by musicals enthusiast and illustrator Kailey, at Mermaidens you will find DIYs, thrifting adventures, and outfit posts all wrapped in a pretty pink bow!

Hearthandmadeuk is a blog full of interiors, craft projects and DIY tutorials. I never thought I could have created something so wonderful, full of interior design inspiration for my dream home, art and journalling inspiration, photography styling, hints and tips for DIY projects and tutorials for home accessories and personal accessories. The list goes on and on! I love sharing my 'inspiration' folder with all of you! When I was thinking of what I should say here at Jenny and Aarons lovely blog I realised that my blog is just an updated version of that inspiration binder that used to live under bed where I kept all of my magazine clippings! I hope you enjoy if you visit. Stop by any time ^_^ 

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I'm Shell, and I run the show over at Kitty & Buck. My blog is about creative living, inspiration and being nice to animals (and each other) I'm a full time Motion Graphics Designer, part time musician, blogger, blog designer, baker, cat momma and reader. Sometimes I dance ballet too.

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My name is Laura McHugh, I live in Matawan, N.J. with my two boys, wonderful understanding Husband, and an adorable dog named Shelby. I am a middle school art teacher by day and an obsessed late night crafter. I enjoy all art mediums and can’t get enough of them. My mind is always racing with ideas and can’t wait to start something new and colorful.  Vintage2Glam is my idea of reusing vintage goodies.  Salvaging items most would consider old and turning them into something Glam.  I love taking vintage finds, such as beads, buttons, lace, trims, fabrics, and jewelry, odd one of kind vintage pieces and incorporate them into my own vintage inspired art and accessories. I am happy to say that my jewelry was worn by Ellen Burstyn in the movie “Greta” starring Hilary Duff and Ellen Burstyn.  It was such a pleasure and thrill to work with Whitewater Films on this movie, filmed in Historical Ocean Grove N.J.  It was an amazing experience, one I will always treasure.
I love to create original one of a kind art and jewelry pieces and would love to work with you on a special piece created out of your vintage treasures.

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Since I could draw 3-D in kindergarten, people knew I was destined to be "artsy"...or maybe a starving artist?! I've never taken an art class I didn't love, and knew I wouldn't be anything else but a "creator of somethingerother" when I was growing up, but when I started making my own mini clay sculptures of Alice in Wonderland, and layering 20 hand made beaded necklaces over my head, there was a *hint* that I'd be doing something fantasy-like on a small scale. I chose jewelry, or perhaps it chose me as I did my weekly dig through my mom's special jewelry boxes, capsules of time with glamour from relatives a long time past. I did my 1st craft fair when I was 14 & didn't sell a thing, but years later, after learning some retail tricks, I was in 12 stores & found my passion in metal smithing. I love working with my hands, no manicures, just getting down & dirty, focus on the project I'm currently creating. Every piece of jewelry I make is a project. There is an idea, usually visual (or maybe it's just in my head...), a middle, and an end. You all see the finished product of my daydreams, and I hope you treasure them with love, just like with what I made them from.

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I'm a mixed media collage artist and craftsperson with a huge passion for collecting and selling VINTAGE.  I maintain a studio in a little cottage I am renovating less than a mile from my home in the historic Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis.  I have so much to list on my etsy shops that I am not even on the hunt for more right now.  It is hard to stay away from all the great yard sales popping up now that summer is upon us. In my spare time I am creating things for my "A Fair in September" which, is a huge annual sale at my home.  The home that I share with my nerdy husband Eddie and my lovable bassett hound Lucy.    

Hi dolls, my name is Bethany Herwegh and I am The Glamorous Housewife. A few years ago I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize myself. I saw a frumpy, unfashionable, messy haired and no makeup gal staring at me. I had let myself go. Right then and there I decided to throw out my sweat pants and become the elegant woman I always wanted to be. This is a blog about my journey to glamour. It includes fashion, cooking, crafting, and creating an inspirational life.

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I'm Pam, owner of Scrub Buddy sugar scrubs in Charlotte, NC. I have been making sugar scrubs for over a year now as gifts, and I decided to start selling them after receiving encouragement from several friends and family members who thought the whole world should know about my scrubs. Since then, I've created an Etsy shop and have sold my scrubs at several craft fairs; my scrubs are also sold at a local spa for kids. My scrubs are made from all-natural ingredients and are available in a wide variety of scents, from floral to fruity to bakery as well as a men's line. I have year-round scents in addition to special seasonal offerings. My scrubs gently but effectively exfoliate skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin glowing, silky smooth, and wonderfully moisturized. Right now I offer my scrubs in 8-ounce jars and 2-ounce sampler packs of three, though I plan to add other size jars in the near future. Please take a look around my Etsy shop and see what catches your fancy; you're sure to find a scent that's just right for you.

You know what I love about this sponsor post? ...that I am an actual big time fan of everyone featured here. All of the links above are absolute regular haunts of mine. So with this lineup I'm not only sharing the works and worlds of these other fab peeps...I'm also sharing a bit of my own everyday world. These are the glowing spots on my radar...and hopefully they'll become the same for you all. Make sure to use the specific discount codes where applicable...they love when you do that! I'm pleased as punch to bring you so much style...so much artful, creative living. To me its what makes the world go round!

xo, Jenny...& Aaron


  1. I love being featured on everyday is a holiday!!! jenny and aaron are the BEST!

    my coupon code is

    good through 7-31-2013

    thanks! www.jennyelkins.etsy.com

  2. I've been reading Mermaidens for quite some time! All your sponsers look awesome, though!

    1. Yes, she's great! Thanks so much for reading. Every one of 'em really are must reads/daily visits for me.

  3. I love seeing all of the sponsors. All of their items are so much fun. Have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Thanks Heidi! this really is such a great group. I'm honored to feature them. Glad you enjoyed!

  4. I love this month's sponsors...each one so different from another. I love that your blog brings the best from all over blogland. Keep 'em coming.

  5. I love jenny elkins! and so fun to find some new talented peeps!! big July xoxxxx! jenn

    1. Isn't her work fantastic! We've been fans for years! Thanks so much for popping in! :) Happy Summer!!

  6. What a great way to show off your sponsors. I can't wait to get my shop up and going. I will definitely be advertising here. I love ghis blog.



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