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It's Friday the 5th of July. It should be a given that if the 4th falls on a Thursday that you automatically get Friday off. But no...hammers are a swingin' in our neighborhood, my brother Walt is on a job site, his girlfriend Val was up before the crack o' dawn to head off to her job...what is wrong with the world? Doesn't The Man know that BBQ takes some time to digest?! Oh well, at any we are at Friday and I've got some favorites to share...and this weekend there will a fab and healthy dessert recipe!
Oh Target! Yep! These chairs come in a set of two and can be found at Target! I've been a fan of this style of galvanized chairs forever and with a price like 2 for 99.99 I think they may finally become a reality in my life. And by the way...they also come in red!! So when it comes to fashion, decor, whatever...I guess the rule should be: "wait grasshopper, patience, Target will eventually provide all that is needed."

This is such a fabulous mixed media piece by Lebanese artist Huguette Caland. There's just so much going on but the color theme keeps it focused and calm. I love when you can't distinguish the thin line between haphazard and meticulous. 

This series of photos of Moscow subways is kind of enchanting. I just feel like it would seriously take the edge off your commute if you got to stroll through these grand tunnels every morning and afternoon. Reminds me a bit of the subways of old New York when there were columns and arches and beautiful mosaics.  

Love this print from Flapperdoodle. The gal behind Flapperdoodle and the blog Scathingly Brilliant, is a fellow New Jersey gal named Kate. This is one of Kate's illustrations from her summer roadtrips, wherein she plans to capture an iconic image to represent each state she travels through. This one is an ode to New Jersey and the early days of Miss America in Atlantic City. Since it's her home state...of course she chose Jersey to be first on her list of tribute illustrations. If you like this you'll love everything in her shop...and right now Kate is offering free shipping on US orders of $10+ with code 10FREESHIP 

I am so in love with everything that Blackbird And The Owl makes! Handmade leather clutches, card holders, laptop cases and more. I love the color blocking and patterns they work with. They're the perfect middle between roughly hewn and fine.

These have to be some of the most adorable, most creative cupcakes I have seen in a long time! Aren't they just fantastic?! Totally brilliant! Made by a gal named Alana. Pop over to her blog for the DIY! Perfect for a housewarming gift or to take to a garden club meeting! Outstanding!

Ok guys, stay cool (literally and figuratively) on this July Friday. Happy Weekend!
xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. Hi, Jenny--

    I have about five of your posts bookmarked to comment on later. And I will get caught up, just wanted to say hello, happy 4th (and 5th), glad you have time to breathe post-book-finish (congrats to you and Aaron again), and thank you for turning me on to flapperdoodle. How sweet are those illustrations!? More later this weekend, have a great one, :)

    Val ♥

  2. Cupcacti! That is way too cute!

  3. Those cupcakes are awesome!!! Will have to check her out!! Living in AZ... we have lots of those around! LOL!!!

  4. great stuff.. love the chairs... and LOVE the freaken cupcakes! I think I need some of those!
    happy day

  5. Those cupcakes look almost too good to eat.

    ...almost ;)

  6. Moscow sweet!) You guys should visit St. Petersburg. We have lovely underground too. It's even better actually - cleaner, quieter and more stylish)))) You'll love it)


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