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Hey kids! Happy Friday! Here we are in mid July, super duper hot. We are totally over this extreme summer weather. It almost has me saying bring on fall...gimme leaves falling, and hay bails, and cornstalks, and pumpkins...that's my jam! ....Sweating? do I enjoy it?...not so much.
Aaron was in the shower and I needed to brush my teeth, and being that one of our bathrooms is still a shell I had to go in there when he was in there. So, he's got the window open as to not steam up the walls...well oh em gee...the heat coming in through the window was outrageous! Seriously felt like one of those plug in heaters we used this past winter. Gross! Once again, this A/C is a life saver. We live blocks from the beach and you seriously couldn't get me to go up there...even if you told me you buried a bunch of paper mache rabbits and they are finders keepers. (just pretend you and I think alike and that means a whole lot) 

So being that its Friday I wish we were looking forward to some cooler weather this weekend so that we could actually get out there and work on the deck again. But's going to be scorching hot with rain! more rain! This is like record breaking amounts.  

I am so in love with these brand new Bijou Ties from Flapper Girl. They are so sweet, classic yet cartoony. I would so want to talk to the gal that walks into a room wearing one. Totally show stoppers in my eyes...such a fabulous accessory choice! I love them all! But my favorite has got to be that black with pink floral. Oh geez! I guess it's the die hard Betsey Johnson fan in me. 

Everything about this.

Oh how I love this piece by artist Lisa Kokin! She creates these amazing sewn together pieces with old photos and thread. Visually they're just much texture. But I connect with them on a second level...there's something about the organic shapes of these pieces, like they're formed by natural borders, the way some states are divided by rivers. You get a sense that the people in the photographs form a community, as a whole they become a mass, they are all connected and all represent each other. I actually adore the entire collection. It is SO SO GOOD! You have to click the link to see it all! Truly fantastic!

When I saw this...I just started having flashes of inspiration and ideas. Geez, imagine being able to start from scratch...given a clean slate space...with incredible bones...and being able to decorate like the book of Genesis...on the first day there were rugs, on the second there were tables, and on the third we rested on the new couches and considered the wall art to come on day four. 
If you had the chance to start from scratch would you go in a totally different direction? New color palette? New collections? This photo truly made me dream a bit. 

these Bunny Girls by artist JoAnna Pierotti...Oh just knock me over with a feather! Seriously! Look at them all lined up! yes, they lack arms...who cares! no clothes?! I love them all so so much! The colors, the aged look. And if you're more into arms and clothing...Joanna has been equipping them with both whenever the mood strikes. If these speak to you like they speak to me then check out all of Joanna's work. This is the world she lives in. This is her. And she teaches!! She'll be in NYC and California in the near check her out.

Ok, gotta stay cool and also gotta exercise. Aaron says that he loves getting his blood up on a hot day because when you cool down later you will be cool in comparison to the environment. He says this also works in the winter but to the opposite effect. Also, I believe he creates fictions to fit any situation.

Happy Friday!!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron 


  1. Another great batch! I love your decorating book of genesis, too funny. I recently painted a room in my house all white and started over. It hasn't gone exactly like that (if only the perfect rugs and furnishings would appear magically) but still a very fun challenge! Happy weekend. :)

  2. Love this collection of favorites. Those ties are adorable! I would love to start over with my space, too. My mind is far too cluttered with home ideas and inspiration. Thank you, Pinterest, for that!

  3. love those bows, and the sewn photographs are stunning! It says a lot about the time the photographs were taken as well, and how women were held together with a common thread (sewing, domestic life, etc.)

    I took a peek at the rest of the collection, and they're all so beautiful!

  4. Oh my! I've got to go and check out those two artists-Joann and Lisa- my heart's pumping just looking at these photos here! Thanks for the links!

    I'm reading back through a few of your blog posts (I've been out of town). Your book looks so great- isn't it so fun seeing it for the first time??


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