Friday Favorites

Fa Fa Fariiiiiday! This week was a Blur with a capital B. Seriously. Aaron and I were just all over the place. Jumping from one project to the next. We are in the early stages of putting together some very exciting stuff and these first few steps have us all jittery...but in a good way. Sorry that I'm being so vague. It's just that everything is in the infant stage with this new venture...and whenever thats the case I feel like talking all about it kills a little of the process. I will definitely spill beans as soon as I can. 

We were really luck to get a break from the heat the past couple of days. Not that we were outside at all...ha! as if. Nope, we've been in the studio all along...but just knowing that it isn't sweltering outside seems to set you at ease a bit. We get these afternoon thunderstorms often and I'm always cringing, thinking that one of the big lightning strikes is going to cause a power outage and we'll be without AC. Yeah, I borrow trouble...a lot.
But yesterday was very cool. We actually had the windows open, curtains swaying in the breeze. Today is Sunny...around 80. If it rains on Sunday we are hoping to visit with my brother and his family...cannot wait to see our niece Olivia!  

Ok, Friday means Favorites...

I've blogged my love for this classic  rocker in the past, (no I'm not speaking of Glenn Frey)...The chair above...I just love it so much. We still have to finish the living room here and this would be such a sweet addition. Mind you, it's currently not in the budget. But maybe I'll come across an amazing sale or possibly something on craigslist. 

I am so in love with the work of artist Matías Krahn. Talk about paintings with 'sweet spots'! I just love pieces like this, that have an overall color theme and a look all their own from a distance...and then  you can also look closer and get lost in a whole new world of texture, color, story etc...

Yes yes yes I am crazy for carts. Just CRAZY for them! They're on wheels, they're portable, and you can load with supplies and favorite things. I like getting Organized. It harkens back to the kid in me that played office. I love industrial looking things. I love them in metal or wood, or a combination of both. Well World Market has got my number in the cart and storage department. I already own a few pieces from them and this one has reinvigorated my cart passion all over again. It was so hard to choose between them. Both are amazing and could work. But I did finally settle on the dark one. I am counting down the days till it arrives at my door! and planning what supplies will be lucky enough to go for a ride on it.

Aren't these just so so pretty? the shape..the gold...the stones. I truly don't know which is my favorite. As soon as I think I've settled I reconsider. All are so so pretty.

Love these nails! Simple, and so incredibly fun and sweet. They remind me of being at the boardwalk and seeing all of the hanging bags of cotton candy. 

Which reminds and Aaron need some time out of the house. We're thinking of a little day trip down to Point Pleasant soon. They've got a boardwalk and tons of antique shops...and it's only a few train stops down the shore.

ok, Happy Friday!
hope your weekend is fabulous!
xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. I knew I've seen those carts before! I am obsessed with World Market! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your picks! I miss living up north in the summers (living in FL now) where there's the occasional cool day in July or August. FL is like a dank swamp pretty much all year :/ Enjoy the shore!

    Life of Mabel

  3. Hi Jenny!! Those paintings are fabulous! I LOVE the white cart...need one!!! Those necklaces are such pretty colors and of course I love those pink and aqua nails. Now I'm craving some cotton candy!

  4. I LOVE those necklaces, and the cotton candy colored nails! Swoon!!! Happy Friday. <3 I hope you get that lovely cool, breezy weather. It's my fav too!

  5. Loving those paintings and loveeeee the carts!!

  6. OK- I need to go check out that chair ASAP! I suppose it's major $$$, but I can dream! I love those carts too. I got mine last summer at IKEA. It's aqua! You might want to see if they still have it. Darn cute, and perfect for storing art supplies!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Erica :)

  7. I love that chair! And those nails look so cute - going to try that x

  8. Girlfriend, have you seen the carts that Ikea have???? Not only are they in pretty colors, but they're only $50....they even have aqua.



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