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I have always enjoyed collecting rare, antique, and vintage greeting cards. My favorite holiday season would have to be Christmas!  Ever since I was a little girl, I loved and collected everything from the yuletide season including 1940’s & 50’s stuffed Santa dolls and thousands of Christmas cards! I have a passion for all types of chic design and decorating, including cottage, shabby, beach chic and retro charm. I am inspired by the coziness of the1940's and 1950’s and actually anything vintage. As you explore my paper creations, you will see hints of pink & chic as well as, nostalgia and retro.  I try to find the highest quality of papers, paints, and ribbons throughout the United States and Europe. I take great pride in making all of my products by hand. My cards and tags are all fresh and new. I hand cut all of my tags too! All of my hand painted cards and tags are painted by me and all printing is done by me on a high quality printer. I do use vintage accents and some antique adornments when available. These add to the beauty and quality of the cards and tags I make.

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Hey there, I'm jenn from noodle and lou!  When I'm not creating in my studio, you will either find me chasing my boys and little dogs around or junking through the state of Texas.  I have a huge passion for all things vintage and try to incorporate these lost treasures in my art.  Polka dots, houses and girls with a far away look in their eyes are some of my favorite things and you'll see them quite a bit in my work.  From paintings, to mixed media creations, to my clay sculpture lulettes... I adore my job and hope my art will bring a smile to your day! xox

Love, Joleen Photography is the mommy/lifestyle blog of Joleen Pete. Natural light photographer from Southern California. New wife and mama. Just turned 30. Recently moved across country, got married, and is setting up a new home. Blogs about Atlanta living, mommy musings, fashion, shopping, and crafty goodness. Loves books and a good DIY.

Hiya! I'm Mr. Tiny from wacky tacky. wacky tacky is a resource for living and designing on the fringe. Isn't fringe the best? We love creating vintage-inspired clothing and going on awesome roadside adventures from our home base in Southern California. We're passionate about family, kooky restaurants, making music, cooking, funny architecture, thrifting, dancing, interior design, and collecting EVERYTHING!
The motor to the wacky wagon is always running and you're invited to join us on all of our wacky tacky adventures!

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I'm Shell, and I run the show over at Kitty & Buck. My blog is about creative living, inspiration and being nice to animals (and each other) I'm a full time Motion Graphics Designer, part time musician, blogger, blog designer, baker, cat momma and reader. Sometimes I dance ballet too.

Hello there, I'm Danielle and I'm an artist and blogger living on the California coast with my husband Jose and our cat Lily, who is actually a boy. I work in an elementary school library, and I make art that's whimsical and sometimes a little spooky. My blog, Ahoy Miss, chronicles my adventures, art, and inspirations. I am partial to candy-colored hair, pastels, cats, and desserts of all kinds!

Hearthandmadeuk is a blog full of interiors, craft projects and DIY tutorials. I never thought I could have created something so wonderful, full of interior design inspiration for my dream home, art and journalling inspiration, photography styling, hints and tips for DIY projects and tutorials for home accessories and personal accessories. The list goes on and on! I love sharing my 'inspiration' folder with all of you! When I was thinking of what I should say here at Jenny and Aaron's lovely blog I realised that my blog is just an updated version of that inspiration binder that used to live under bed where I kept all of my magazine clippings! I hope you enjoy if you visit. Stop by any time ^_^ 


When you do things ALL THE TIME...such as reading blogs, browsing shops online, pinning, or even rolling through your facebook just comes second nature. You don't stop to wonder WHY you do these would be like asking WHY you breathe. But all of these activities aren't the same as breathing. They are conscious choices. And why do we CHOOSE to do these things. Quick answers for me are: to stay connected, stay informed, stay interested (and therefore 'interesting')...and above all else...TO STAY INSPIRED. And being inspired isn't limited to creative types. It's necessary across the board. It's inspiration that gets you outta bed in the morning (you can make this statement especially true if you nickname your needy chihuahua or small child 'Inspiration' ; )
So that's what I'm getting at. For me, it's what a post like this is all about. Every link you see above is a gateway to Inspiration. And the diversity of Inspiration is what will keep you interested and interesting. This roll call has got road trippers, makers, great picture takers, and style creators. They're as far flung as Australia, Ireland, Texas, Pennsylvania,  and the great state of California. These are the people I see and the places I go every day when I jump on the interwebz. This group of friends is just the tip of the iceberg...and oh gosh is it one big bright and glittery tip! So make sure to stay in touch, stay informed, and visit these fab purveyors of Inspiration! And use the discount codes!...they love that!

xo, Jenny...and Aaron


  1. That was so beautifully put! I am one that eschewed technology for a long time but have found that it has really opened my world. There are so many talented people sharing boundless creativity and it is all just a click away. Everyday truly is a HOLIDAY with you guys! Thanks Jenny & Aaron for the inspiration and for including wacky tacky!!!

    Your pal,

    Mr. Tiny

  2. just adore every single one! thank you so much you guys... tickled to bits to be here with y'all! xox...jenn

  3. I love discovering new blogs and inspiration. Last time I discovered Ahoy Miss through your blog. Looking forward to checking out the new links. :-)

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out!

  5. I love these bloggers. Each one is different, unique and fun...just like you.


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