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I feel like the summertime is when a lot of creative types really come alive. For me and Aaron this has been especially true this summer due to the perpetual heatwave that's parked itself on top of New Jersey. Being locked inside with the AC on full blast whilst surrounded by art supplies has been conducive to getting some great projects made! But seriously, overall you just feel more alive...there are more hours in the day, and the glow of the sun seems to egg you on a bit to get things done. After finishing all the work on the book me and Aaron have been thrilled to direct our creative energies toward working with new mediums and expanding our artistic comfort zones. And it's been a thrill to hear back from so many blog readers who are doing the same. I'm noticing a slight trend...well, it's more like a collective shift...so many people are saying things like "It feels good to be getting back into making art" or "I used to blog so much more...I think I want to get back to that." or "I've been wanting to try to get more creative in the kitchen...I'm gonna do it now."
Have you been noticing this mini-renaissance among your friends and contacts or is it just me? I feel like a lot of people are tired of the same old same old and are looking to paint their figurative towns bright bright red.  
When I thought of making a call for sponsors in August I thought precisely of the peeps that I've been speaking with about their own creative or personal renaissances. A whole lotta people are putting more time into blogging, or their online shops, or art classes, or what have you...and they're excited about it and the energy is palpable. And I hope you've been feeling some of that energy here on Everyday is a Holiday. I'm feeling it and I'm focused on spreading it. So if you're feeling a little flare up in yourself and want to get the word out about your own endeavors big and small...then now is the time to make yourself known and sponsor Everyday is a Holiday in August. 

Everyday is a Holiday readers lean towards a creative, artful lifestyle. They love to make things with their hands and support artists who make things with their hands. They've got style, and love to cook and bake.
Does this sound like you? More importantly...does this sound like the people you'd like to hang with, chat with, and laugh with? If so...we'd love to hear from you! It's time to expand your own blog audience, get your art or products seen by the eyes of more like-minded peeps. Our feature spot is booked through September but we still have large spots which include a group spotlight containing photos and links...and there are medium ads to be had as well! If you'd like all the deets on this front be sure to pop over to our Sponsor/Advertise info page.

We'd love to work with you!
xo Jenny & Aaron


  1. Im feeling the Creative movement in and around Blogland too! I have a little set-back but once I get this medical inconvenience behind me I'm there! Keep the energy going! Hugs, Diane

  2. I'm definitely one of those people who have finally really kicked my butt in gear in terms of blogging and art. I've got a ways to go but I'm happy I'm heading there now :)

  3. I don't think I'm ready for a sponsor, but I love this blog! Just came across it somewhere else, so glad I did! You guys are so cool :)

    Life of Mabel

  4. SO funny because last night I decided I was going to start using adobe Illustrator more and really get to know it better. I use photoshop for EVERYTHING and thought it was about time I started drawing on Illustrator instead. I've also been painting more and doing more watercolour work. It's nice to just sit outside with paints for an afternoon and tune everything else out!

    xo Dana

  5. I've had you guys in mind ever since I decided to start selling prints of my work. It hasn't come to fruition yet (I hope to finalize some things once the kids are back in school...), but you're first on my list for advertising once things are ready! :)


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