We'd love for you to meet Kitty of Fritzi Marie! ( and a GIVEAWAY!)

What is your name and what do you do?
 Hi, my name is Kitty, aka Fritzi Marie. I'm a girl from Southern California who married a fellow from Seattle. We live in the South where my husband writes poetry and teaches English literature at Auburn University. I love to make things pretty. My passions are my son Roscoe and our 11 year old chihuahua Bono Baby. I sell vintage and handmade items (currently sock monkeys and Doo Nanny flower crowns) in our Etsy shop, Fritzi Marie. I also blog about fashion, treasure hunting, my family, wishes, decorating, and adventures.

 How do you go about doing what you do...and how did you get your start?
My husband Daniel, son Roscoe, and 11 year old puppy Bono Baby treasure hunt for vintage goodies and I make things pretty. I have been collecting vintage hats, purses, and clothing since high school. I had dreams of being a fashion designer but I studied Anthropology and Art History instead. I sell vintage pretties on Etsy in my shop, Fritzi Marie and recently as I said above I have been featuring customized sock monkeys that I trim with collected vintage patches and doilies and Doo Nanny flower crown / headbands.  

What/Who are you inspired by?
Primarily my inspiration comes from Pin-up, burlesque and 50s vintage style. Although, recently, within the past few years I have also been taken by early 20th Century circus and carnival images. 

Where do you create? home studio? kitchen table? sofa? 
Since the birth of Roscoe, I haven't truly had a creative space to call my own. So, it depends on my mood and where I am in the house. My little man sure has been turning my life upside down. In the very best way, of course.  

What are some of your fave movies/shows/bands/music? 
Some of my favorite movies are Amelie, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset and Gene Kelly classics.  I was a Rude Girl in high school and I still love SKA music. Social Distortion and Tom Waits are my go to favorites. I also love Sleater Kinney and 80's alternative.  

Do you collect anything? 
I collect black swans, vintage valentines and valentine hankies, and vintage sewing ephemera for projects.  

Favorite art/craft supplies? 
I love vintage feedsack fabric and velvet millinery supplies 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
I hope to be living on the west coast again (closer to family) and maybe have another baby. I would also like to open a small boutique with my sister.   

 Favorite websites/blogs/shops...etc? 
One of my dearest friends is Amanda of Amanda Atkins in a Canary Forest.


And now the super sweet, talented, and generous Fritzi Marie will give one lucky Everyday is a Holiday blog reader their very own (red) Doo Nanny Floral Crown

"Inspired by Frida Kahlo, burlesque dancers, circus performers and pin up girls. My sister and I started making them to wear to the Doo Nanny festival (an outsider art show in Seale, Alabama). I feel so festive and beautiful when I wear mine. Here's hoping that this Doo Nanny crown takes you on many adventures and makes you feel beautiful."

All you have to do to enter is follow both Everyday is a Holiday blog & Fritzi Marie blog, and leave a comment below. Be sure to leave an email address so that we can give you the good news! :)


Thanks so very much to Kitty for sharing a glimpse into her world and for offering such a fab giveaway! Every time I giggle or oooh and ahh when looking on Instagram, Aaron will say "what...are you looking at a pic of Roscoe?...or Bono Baby?" And 99% of the time he's right. How adorbs are both of those mini guys?! Me and Aaron are thrilled to introduce you guys to one of the sweetest gals around! Love her style and her little family!  

You can also find Fritzi Marie on facebook, and Instagram!

xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. My boyfriend and I always say that Frida Kahlo looks like she could've been our child :)


  2. I love Kitty - have known her for almost 2 years now and love her gorgeous family and her stories from Alabama! Great post! xxx

  3. What a gorgeous crown! Thanks for introducing me to a new fun blog to follow.

  4. i love kitty and her blog!!! :-D

  5. I follow you both:)

  6. I love that you do all the work and find the most fascinating blogs! I just love Fritzi Marie and her son is the cutest!

  7. I enjoyed reading about Kitty and will now be following her blog as well as yours.

  8. I am so glad to have discovered both of your blogs - they brighten my day! :-) I love this headband. therobinstree(at)gmail(dot) com.


  9. I'd love to win this headband! so cute.

  10. I have been oogling the headband from afar. Hope that I get it. Love your blog!


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