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I remember, in a time long ago, before the internet was really anything at and Aaron would do our grocery shopping late at night in one of the few places that were open 24 hours. We'd be there in the store pretty much all alone in the early am hours, our only company being the guys stocking shelves overnight. So before we grabbed any of our frozen or refrigerated stuff we'd hit the magazine racks and pore over Elle Decor, Country Living, Country Home, Vogue, Elle, Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion...and all of our other favorites. We'd stand there for like an hour flipping pages. Many times, while browsing the mags, we would talk to the guys working there...and as we became more familiar they would refer to us as 'the magazine people'. So anyway, one time a younger dude comes up and says "I've been wanting to ask you guys...what are you looking for in the magazines? you stand there for like an hour every time." I think I answered something like "we just love stuff. we love to see and read about stuff." And the three of us just laughed at how vague that statement was. But I almost couldn't think of a way to narrow it down any further. 

I was thinking of this...and thinking of my current internet-based incarnation of 'looking at stuff' while I was putting together these Friday Favorites. And the Socrates quote came to mind..."The unexamined life is not worth living." It's a pretty bold statement...not wishy washy at all. And it's something to live up to in your own personal way. Sure, everybody loves something...maybe it's very interesting, maybe it's ultra mundane. But I guess the key is to consciously let that something impact your life in a positive way...learn from it...grow from it. That thing or things that you spend hours and hours focusing on, obsessing over...make those things count. Apply them to who and what you are in any way that you can. 
I'm not gonna get deeper than that, because I know you guys know what I mean. I feel like if you are here reading this than you probably already subscribe to a specialized view of the world. You are actively examining this life that you're living. You're interested in things and those things make you interesting. Anyway, on this Fabulous Friday lets once again look at some interesting things together!!

Starting with the decor in this drop dead gorgeous apartment! You cannot take these esthetics for granted. The choices she made for paint colors are so essential to the overall feel. And the placement of simple objects is made to look so-easy-to-pull-off....but everything is genius and absolutely spot-on.

I've shown you just a glimpse of Alysia's apartment...I'm a kitchen lover...but you can check out the rest of her Stunning Vintage Sanctuary House Tour over on Apartment Therapy.

I love this creepy yet extremely cute little purse. It's from a Japanese maker, they come signed and are available in pink or gray. What a cool statement piece to wear around your neck...and it's functional!

I love this idea...making feathers with washi tape. So simple...but it's not like I thought of it! I've found a few similar ideas online but I gotta give props to the gal who put together this little tutorial. I love her shapes and supply choices, photographs and simple instructions. As if I wasn't thoroughly washi tape obsessed already!

The color...the shape...the gold tone hardware...this is totally for me. And although it looks like a's actually a camera bag! Which is exciting, because my current camera bag is all function and no form. The name of this style bag is The Missy (in mint). From one of my favorites... Jo Totes.

Roasted Strawberries and Buttermilk Ice Cream recipe! It sounds amazing and the gal behind the recipe says it's egg free and tastes as good or better than recipes containing egg. So...the roasting of the strawberries, which is a simple first step, makes all the difference. The flavor becomes more concentrated, and there is less water in the fruit after roasting. 

This image from the Summer issue of Sweet Paul Magazine made me swoon. It's a shot of Ryan and Eric Berley's old timey candy shop called "Shane Confectionery". It's located in Philadelphia, PA, where they also own an old timey ice cream shop! Non-stop amazing eye candy (pun intended). You gotta check these guys out. They dress straight outta the 19th century and use antique candy molds and traditional 19th century recipes. But they are modern in that they're ecologically sustainable...they source only local ingredients, they use biodiesel trucks for delivery, they have a compost pick up, their cellophane wrappers are biodegradable. I love these guys! 

I Love this story! Above is Lorene Carnes, a 92 year old gal who went to art school 70 years ago. So, when World War II hit she quit art school to work in the shipping yards and never looked back. Her portfolio sat in the garage until this past year when a visiting family friend who works at Robert Kaufman Designs, caught sight of it and brought it back to her design firm in LA. So fast forward to now...the 70 year old designs now appear on a fabric line called "Glamour Girls" that can be found in stores everywhere! Very cool.

Ok to design some stuff with Aaron. We both hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!
xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. I absolutely LOVE the story of Lorene. What a great story. Makes you wonder what treasures lay in people's basements.

  2. love the apt pics and the story about Lorene was great. So happy to see that she now has the recognition she so deserves...perhaps from a much younger audience than originally thought!

  3. That story of Lorene Carnes is awesome...that kind of stuff just makes me happy. I love to hear about people finding their way back to art and being creative after life has led them in other directions. And I've seen photos of that old timey candy shop somewhere looks so dreamy! If I ever go back to Philadelphia I have to go there. Hope you guys have a great weekend! :)

  4. So love the apartment and especially the kitchen! And thanks for sharing Lorene with us - she's awesome!

  5. Jen and I l-o-v-e shopping early in the morning. We'd go anywhere from 12am - 5am. There's something about the quietness in our local Wal-Mart that puts a smile on our face. :) I could live in 24/7 nighttime. It's my favorite time. I am loving that kitchen, and those feathers!!!

  6. This is my very first visit to your blog and I find myself a little awed by all the delicious colors and stories. Thank you for sharing all the bits and pieces that you found around the 'webs. I'll definitely be back again.

  7. Hi J & A
    I never liked art class. It made me nervous. My stuff always sucked, so I get great pleasure looking at yours. Also, I liked to hear about you sifting through mags in the wee hours of the morning. Not something I do myself, well, I sift, but not in the wee hours, but my 19 yr old daughter does, sifts with fair regularity, always has, and she's taken to going to bed in the wee hours of the morning, so I hope you guys hadn't gone to sleep yet, because then I wouldn't think she's lost her youthful joy and wasn't self destructing before my eyes. She's also very creative, but doesn't think it will get her a job, so is afraid to pursue it. Oh and did I mention she likes stuff? All of these things you write of in your post, I see in her, so I'd just like to say Thanks, cause it gives me a light in this darkened maze of self-doubt she's entered. Oh yeah, and although her hair isn't a pretty pink, it is a tantalizing tangerine. Very Truly Yours,


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