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Hey kids! To say that last week was just a blink would be a massive! Even as the week was just starting off the lines between days were already beginning to blur. For instance, Tuesday night...we were supposed to go to the movies because on Tuesdays it's half price...well on Tuesday we didn't realize it was Tuesday until about 11:30 pm. Ah well. We've got crazy deadlines, there have been visits to the dentist, family stuff, last weeks errands that we saved 'til this week, and here we are at Friday! Apologies on the lack of posts. Our heads were really all over the place. I can't even recall what we had for dinner the past few nights...or what it's gonna be tonight.

But I'm happy for Fridays specifically because of Friday Favorites. This post will put me back on the calendar...get me smelling the roses and all that. for this incredibly talented fellow you see above, Mr. Finch. I instantly fell in love with his work. There's so much going on and all of it is dusted with magic. There's the nod to taxidermy but because of the fantastical yet somehow nearly realistic appearing materials you never get that pang that goes along with actual taxidermy. You feel like Mr. Finch's creatures are inanimate but that they once were animated in an imaginary world.

And you totally get the feeling that they come alive only when no one is looking. Plus theres that whole British folklore tinge to everything.

Where magical creatures aren't all gussied up in glittering pink chiffon. They live in a world prior to Disney, where magpie moths have wings decorated in the exact patterns of the antique drapes they feasted on through the long winter. 
And just holy cow can Mister Finch sew!

Ohhh World Market! Stop already! you are killen me! How on earth do they always know what I want? Look at these folding chairs! They def fit in to our future kitchen...though the way my Kitchen inspiration board is looking I think we might be able to host VERY large group therapy sessions...what with all the chairs I absolutely NEED. Anyway, me and Aar will discuss how much we're gonna charge you guys for these group therapy sessions, and who should bring the cookies, etc...

And are you kidding me with this Cafeteria style table!?  Like just set this in front of a giant chalkboard wall, pour me some cold brew Stumptown coffee in a mason jar, and cue some Bill Withers! I'll take it!

Yes to this ^

I really love everything about this tee. The heathered grey makes it look so comfy. Heathered grey has always always been on my go-to roster. And then the added sweetness of the silk peter pan collar and cuffs add just the right dose of dress-up. It happens to be 75.00 : ( and also sold out : | 
 I think I'll do my best to replicate the look on my own.

ahh! The Miu Miu Fall 2013 collection! Back when we had our store, and our furniture and accessories line I woulda been squealing about this. Our back room inspiration wall woulda been plastered with this stuff and we'd get a ton of mileage out of the inspiration...There woulda been an entire bedroom set, some hand painted hat boxes, a curvy coffee table, and more.

The patterns, textures, color palette are like so totally painted on the walls of my cranial Lascaux.

I myself wouldn't wear these shoes...(I'm all around not exactly pointy)...but ohhh the use of color is right on the! yes yes! I'm more of a platform, Mary Jane, wedge, or full on boot girl. I'd def rock a pair of straight up gold boots with these big buttons. 

And yeah...EVERY detail is on point...the collar...that neckerchief! yes!

And I just adore adore adore this inspiration illustration of the collection by Jowy Maasdamme
This in itself is enough.

Ok, back to blur. The weather is glorious. Yes, glorious. I can't say that too often. Last nigh we walked up to the beach and the NYC skyline was so glitteringly felt like you could almost hear it. Tonight we'll make sure to take a similar walk. I hope you guys make it a great Friday night in your respective worlds!

xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. Loveeeeeee these!! That table is fabulous!!!

  2. cant believe that sweater is $75! ugh! haha the creatures by Mr. Finch is crazy amazing! I just looked at his website and I am in AWE!!

  3. Re: cafeteria table, why do I not have $800 extra dollars? I NEED it. Right?

  4. I too love Mr Finch's work! He is crazy creative and talented beyond words! I need to be rich and young and very thin so I can wear those wonderful clothes and those shoes you posted. I love the look... and then I could have pink hair too! lol.
    Hope you and Aaron enjoy the weekend.

  5. Oh my gosh, those bees and moths are amazing. I love that table too. I've had to go to the dentist every week for the last three weeks and I have my last appointment next week.

  6. I love Mr Finch. I'm sure that one day one of his pieces will find a very happy home at my house. :-)


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