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Doing simple things on a regular schedule is good medicine. For me, when another Friday rolls around I'll get a slight twinge of pleasure at the thought of sharing another edition of Friday Favorites. It's not some earth changing event, or uber-vital commitment. It's just my weekly opportunity to blurb some things that are tickling my fancy at the moment, and hopefully some of these things will find you fancy folks equally as ticklish to their nimble-hip-cool-tastey-classic-bold-profound-subtle-fashionable fingers. In other words...sharing my Friday Favorites is a little thing. And take it from a gal with lots of life experience, who has suffered many ups and downs...You should strive for a life full of little things. I find that it's way easier than being a big picture type o' gal. Usually the big picture is something that cannot be's something that's gonna show up whether you like it or not...the big picture is always gonna be on display...loud and clear. And because of it's glaringly bright intensity the little things may become completely blown out in if the sun had freckles. There's the big bright face of the sun...and rumor has it that she's got an adorable spray of freckles across her cheekbones...but you'll never see these because her face is way too bright to get a good look at. But you know how you just might get a peek at those adorable freckles? There's a trick that not too many people know about...and it's's this: "Be Cool."...Because what is it that "cool" people do? They wear shades silly! :) 
What I'm saying is this...put on your shades...chill for a minute to take a look at the little things. The little things are what life is all about. So here's this Friday's list of Favorite little things. 

Ok...up above...get a good look. That is a teeny tiny truck that converts into a teeny tiny mobile bakery! Can I please just attend a yard party where this cute as a button bakery on wheels comes rolling up!! California Bakery  just may possess the cutest little mobile branch of operations ever!

Can it just be Fall already?! Not that you really have to wait till then to bake up something like this Sea Salt Chocolate and Pecan Tart...but if I'm indulging...if I'm surrendering hook, line, and sinker to this edible portion of heaven, then I'd like to give myself over entirely to the experience. I want to be wearing layers of cozy gray sweater material whilst sipping some hot coffee and watching billowy silver clouds move across the late afternoon sky. 

Again, this simple phrase rendered by Molly Jacques plays right into what I was saying above about seeing the little things in life. One very big little thing is Molly's mind blowing gift for hand lettering. The typography game is fierce right now and her work is at the top of the field. With a client list like Martha Stewart, Anthology, and Bon Appetit...I don't think you'll be able to miss her handiwork.

Totally in love with the incredibly darling, creative, handmade boutonnieres from Fritts Rosenow. You gotta take a look at their collection. With categories like "groupie", "nautical",  and "Geek Chic" you are bound to find something adorable for that boringly naked lapel. These are one of those things that fall under the "why would you not?" category. 
Q: "oh dear...why would I wear a boutonniere that looks like a mounted deer head?" 
A: "why would you not?"

This darling dress from Marimekko. I've blogged my love for their patterns in the past and once again, I'm so smitten with how playful their designs are. I feel like their stuff is walking art. And now is as good a time as any to reference another great quote from the master:
  "One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art." - Oscar Wilde

Love this sign by Andy Carlyle hanging in the lobby at Scoutmob. Don't you want to be a Maker of the Authentic, the Unique, and the Curious? Or at the very least...don't you want to support those who are?? I do.
And speaking of Scoutmob...I'm now reminding myself to blog about them at greater length next week. Scoutmob was responsible for a very good mail day this past week and they've directly enhanced my daily iced coffee experience. I'll be blogging a bit more about them soon so be sure to check back!

And while on the subject of Makers. This rules. I love the typography, the sentiment, the lifestyle it nods to. And get ready for this...It is a temporary tattoo! One of many super fun designs over at Tattly. Their selection of temp tattoos is so so goood. I'm imaging little dudes or gals strutting around with some of these. I love the toddler tattoo scene. 
I'm totally going to be ordering some!

Ok, Happy Friday to all! Breaking Bad is only slightly more than 48 hours away!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. These are fabulous!! LOVING that 'unique' sign!!!

  2. Thanks Julie! isn't that sign so cooool?!

  3. That boutonniere is just way too much fun. I checked out their shop, and the other ones they offer are so much fun too. I love them!

    Heidi’s Wanderings


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