Keep Calm And Call Your Mom

Hey guys! Even though our weekend is already absolutely all filled up we still wanted to pop in and say hi! Ya know...there's definitely a benefit to breaking out of your "gotta-stay-on-task" mindset every once in a while...especially when the task at hand is artistic in nature. Connecting with your friends, family, or your peeps, will provide a tiny reminder as to why it is that you do the things you do. For instance...Aaron just took a ten minute break to call his mom up. Prior to that he was just working away, with a cramp in his back, and also he's been a bit under the weather the past two days...feeling a little crummy overall. So anyway...he calls his mom up, fills her in on what he's up to in the studio...and in turn, she lets him know that later this afternoon the grandkids will be stopping by to visit her. Now Barb (that's Aar's mom)...she absolutely LIVES for her grandkids! When she sees them it makes her day, week, month, year. In the past month Barb had been sick and was in the hospital a couple lately her spirits were definitely in need of some boosting. Seriously, just a little while ago Aaron was sorta having a crappy feeling day...he was keeping busy...but still, the reigning mood was just "blah"...maybe even "blech". But, after talking to Barb and hearing how thrilled she was that she was getting to see her beloved Grandkids this afternoon...Aaron's whole mood has shifted. Barb is having a GOOD it's a GOOD day now! 

The two of us hope your weekend is treating you right. And if it isn't...maybe try to squeeze something in that will force the weekend to treat you right! : ) We've been busy in the studio for days. There is so much painting going on. Mega deadlines pepper our calendar. Stress levels are definitely high, but we are just so thankful that we get to do the things we love to do. It's important to remind yourself of the very message that our new mug from Tumbleweeds Handcraft states...because truly, and utterly, and gotta remember : "Life is Rad". 

 This here is a little sneak peek (that we shared on Instagram earlier this morning) of one of the fun projects you will find in our our book due out this fall. Just a little tiny teaser for you all! I mean, it's our book...we labored over it for a long while...and still, every so often we'll stop what we're up one of the many project files on our desktop...and we get so so excited about it! We simply can't wait for the book to hit shelves! We await the release with a pins & needles level of excitement. We hope that you guys do too!  :)

Oh, and cute are these make up brushes I just got? The color! The itty bitty kitties! Geez! They were like 5.00 for the whole set at Forever21. Of course they aren't the greatest quality...but come on now...or I should say - come on meeeow!

Oh, and just when you thought that you'd seen enough cute stuff bout this guy?! I had moved the couch to sweep and I'm guessing that the new location made the arm of the couch just that much more attractive to Jack! He simply HAD TO hop there and get a look at the room from this fabulous new location. And yeah...he loves to pose!

I had mentioned Scoutmob on Friday...and this is where we ordered our Dave's Coffee syrups. Well, I just have to say Yummmmmm. I'm really so happy to have found them. And in general, I'm happy to have found Scoutmob. They promote independent artisans, craftsmen, designers...and through Scoutmob you'll have access to all the goods and products of these peeps who are working so passionately in their specialized fields. You gotta check them for yourself...or find gifts for the very special people in your life. I'm already hooked!

Ok, thanks for popping in and thanks for letting us check in with all of you. It's good to stay in touch with your peeps. And if you're having a semi-crummy day you might want to think about practicing the phrase Aaron has been using as his mantra lately: "Keep Calm And Call Your Mom"

xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. hi guys, love the saying keep calm and call mom. maybe you should paint that. I think its really sweet that Aarons whole mood changed just by knowing that his mom was happy. That says a lot about the kind of person he is.
    the kitty make up brushes.. I feel a trip to forever 21 is in my future... those would make wonderful stocking stuffers for my daughters and daughter in laws.
    have a happy week!

  2. Viv, thanks so much! Aar appreciates the kind words. Right?...Forever21 always has such good stuff...what a great Mom you are!! : )

  3. I'm so curious about those coffee syrups! I may need to order some :)
    Aaron's Mom sounds like a sweetheart. There is something very special about a grandmother and her grand kids <3

  4. I think you should paint a picture of your Little Lord Jack, sitting on a throne, with crown and ermine robe. He has a very royal deportment. And I too, would like to see Keep Calm and Call Mom in print.

  5. Thanks for the daily dose of cute! :) And for the reminder that a break is sometimes much needed and definitely refreshing! Even just for a few minutes.

  6. I must say, Jack looks quite regal in this picture. smile.


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