Mixed Media /Abstract Makeup bag mini tutorial

Hey! Happy Monday kids! This weekend was spent mostly in the studio working on some deadlines and orders...but aside from that we snuck in some baking time as well as a visit to Aaron's parents for a few hours...though at ten minutes to 9 the visit had to abruptly end so we could rush home to see the season finale of The Killing. 
 I also made sure to take a bit of Saturday afternoon to clear my head and work on something just for me. Last time we popped in to Michael's for supplies we came across these cute, quilted canvas zippered pouches. The inside is lined in plastic, which makes it a perfect make up bag. It was literally a blank canvas so the sky was seriously the limit. This was one of those very practical art projects since I've been in need of a second make up bag for some time. Lately I've gotten into the habit of leaving some of my daily use products on the little table in the bathroomwhich might be convenient, but I just am not a fan of the clutter. So I knew I had to grab one...or two to customize. Oh, and they are under 3.00! 

As soon as I sat down I knew what I wanted to do. I used it just as I would a blank canvas or board when painting my abstracts

Supplies Used:
white canvas quilted/lined zippered bag (Michael's)
Folk Art brand Textile Medium 
assorted acrylic paints
assorted paint brushes
StazOn ink pad (black)
assorted stamps/daubers 
iron (optional)

Textile Medium is a favorite of mine. It adds a bit of "give" to your acrylic paint so that it doesn't crack when it dries...sorta makes it a bit rubbery, flexible. You want to mix 2 parts Textile Medium to one part paint. Here I just started adding some color...no thoughts really.

Then I continued to block some fave colors in. After one side dried I painted the other side pretty much the same.

I grabbed my StazOn ink and a simple polka dot stamp, and also added some paint speckles for a layer of texture. I didn't want this to be super busy, just fun and organic and without too much thought. 

As you can see it was looking very pink at one point but in the end I steered it toward aqua. When I was finished I brushed a very light coat of the textile medium over the entire bag, letting each side dry to the touch, and then added some favorite trims to the zipper. After 24 hours I heat set the textile medium with an iron. 

I am really happy with how it turned out and now I imagine myself painting an entire set of luggage! And ta boot...it holds all of my clutter and looks super cute in the bathroom.

Go grab some of these bags to play with! The possibilities are endless!
Happy Crafting! xo Jenny


  1. I seriously love this SO much!! :D

    Lulu xx


  2. Such a cute idea! I think I will give this a try!

    Kristina | Beauty With Compassion

  3. Fabulous!! So wonderful you took time for "YOU"! Make it a habit Missy. Love you bunches Grace xoox

  4. It turned out beautifully. Thanks for the textile medium trick, I've used acrylics on canvas before and it does crack.

  5. Super CUTE!!!! can't wait to go to Michaels. :) xo

  6. Wowwwwwwwwwww! This is gorgeous!!! I loveeeeeee those colors!!!

  7. Love the color combo! I rarely bother with makeup pouches except during travel, however. I have too many cute pouches in my collection to go gathering and painting any more. ;P

  8. Your finished pouch looks great! I am definitely going to have to head to michael's this weekend and see if I can't find these.

  9. You are an absolute GENIUS! <333

  10. i love this! i have actually been wanting to paint my creations on little pouches annnnd you just inspired me!

  11. Hey Jenny! I loooove this! Can you share with the class (lol) the names of the colors you use? Thanks!

  12. So, so pretty! What a great find and way to make it your own

  13. This is so awesome. Several of my 8th grade students love to paint clothing and shoes. This trick will make them so happy-they are so sad when their work cracks! Yay you!

  14. I LOVE this project!! :D I've been eyeing those bags at Michaels every time I go and I had no clue what to do with them. Also I want to send you a basketful of hugs for introducing me to textile medium. I have a gazillion tubes of acrylic paint but whenever I need to paint on fabric I always end up buying expensive little bottles of fabric paint (and they're never available in the kind of colors I like so I need to buy twice as many in order to mix them!) Now I can just use my acrylic paints instead :) yay!!


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