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Hearthandmadeuk is a blog full of interiors, craft projects and DIY tutorials. I never thought I could have created something so wonderful, full of interior design inspiration for my dream home, art and journalling inspiration, photography styling, hints and tips for DIY projects and tutorials for home accessories and personal accessories. The list goes on and on! I love sharing my 'inspiration' folder with all of you! When I was thinking of what I should say here at Jenny and Aaron's lovely blog I realised that my blog is just an updated version of that inspiration binder that used to live under bed where I kept all of my magazine clippings! I hope you enjoy if you visit. Stop by any time ^_^ 

Hello there, I'm Danielle and I'm an artist and blogger living on the California coast with my husband Jose and our cat Lily, who is actually a boy. I work in an elementary school library, and I make art that's whimsical and sometimes a little spooky. My blog, Ahoy Miss, chronicles my adventures, art, and inspirations. I am partial to candy-colored hair, pastels, cats, and desserts of all kinds!

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Hello! Im Rosalyn & Im an artist living in the beautiful Bay Area.
My blog, Pink Milk & Cookies, is where I share my art, my love for movies, inspirations & my simple life.
I make art that shows my love for Disney, movies, tv shows, music & desserts. You can see them in my online shop, Pretty Clementine.
Besides art; Simon Pegg, Star Wars, all things Disney & coffee are what tickles my fancy.

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I'm Shell, and I run the show over at Kitty & Buck. My blog is about creative living, inspiration and being nice to animals (and each other) I'm a full time Motion Graphics Designer, part time musician, blogger, blog designer, baker, cat momma and reader. Sometimes I dance ballet too.

Hiya! I'm Mr. Tiny from wacky tackywacky tacky is a resource for living and designing on the fringe. Isn't fringe the best? We love creating vintage-inspired clothing and going on awesome roadside adventures from our home base in Southern California. We're passionate about family, kooky restaurants, making music, cooking, funny architecture, thrifting, dancing, interior design, and collecting EVERYTHING!
The motor to the wacky wagon is always running and you're invited to join us on all of our wacky tacky adventures!


As the end of summer approaches I can feel the collective energy of the blog community ramp up to a nearly palpable level. It's almost comparable to the big Holiday season. Around the Holidays the community collectively gets into the Holiday spirit...everyone doing Holiday, making things, getting together, traveling. And so it is when the end of the summer comes around. We'll find ourselves all doing similar end-of-summer stuff. Going on trips...maybe it's that long awaited vacation, or the annual road trip with a friend to a craft show, or trade show. Or maybe this is your time to get creative and make stuff. The approaching Fall and it's transformative powers have got you designing new fashions for your shop...or knitting a new scarf for your cool weather wardrobe. 
Well that's what I noticed when I was reading the latest posts or checking out the newest shop listings from the bloggers and talented makers you see above. I felt right in step with what they've got going on...all them. Despite the diversity of talents, themes, stories...I could feel a very similar energy. We're all boldly, brightly, and collectively moving on to the next stage of our own awesomeness. And it's a thrill to share the experience. So yourself a favor and check out what these movers, shakers, makers, and picture takers are up to. You'll feel like you're right at home and like you're taking flight from the comforts of the nest...all at the same time! 
Oh, and be sure to use their discount codes! They love when you do that!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron!


  1. Always happy to discover cool new shops and blogs. And thanks for the discount codes! :)

  2. I love Wacky Tacky's blog I wish I had a brother like him who would sew me a fabulous warderobe and take me on on fun road trips.


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