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See this pile of paint rags?...our studio is lousy with 'em...little piles everywhere. They're remnants of the past two weeks over here. We've been painting painting painting, and although we have gotten a lot accomplished it always seems like not enough. Today we're wrapping up the first portion of our big project and then we'll be sending off the originals in the mail. After all this we'll be on pins and needles awaiting the completion of the next steps that aren't in our hands. I seriously feel like a jerk for dropping these tiny breadcrumbs that reveal NOTHING. But I promise to spill beans just as soon as bean spilling is authorized. At this point these breadcrumbs are here to let you know why the blog has been a bit quiet lately. If there were more than 24 hours in the day this blog would be chock-a-block with crafty tutorials and home projects. Currently we wake up in the morning thinking about what we can possibly get finished in the day ahead...and we go to bed thinking about what we wish we could've gotten finished in the day behind us. We have to remind ourselves...( literally, we really do say it out loud to one another )...that we are doing our very best and nothing more should be expected.

Not only have we been locked in the studio for days upon days upon days...we also both came down with an awful cold. And since we never ever leave the studio I think I can accurately nail down the source of the wicked germs. The timeline traces back to my visit to the dentist. Aaron got it first and then it passed on to me like six days later. What the heck was on those magazines Aaron was reading in the waiting room?! The past few days have been theeeee worst! I've got that relentless tickle/cough, periodic sneezing, and constant body aches. This little instavid pretty much sums it up. It shows a bit of my daily ritual and also captures the mood perfectly...colorless, foggy, mundane...please go away you annoying little sickness.

And man you know you have been living it up when the most exciting thing to happen all week is an order arriving in the mail from Target. Ta Dahhh a new baking dish and a can opener! I mean seriously! Grab the confetti, and pour me a glass of sparkling cider would ya! ( Honestly though, I really am psyched, our old can opener was a total do nothing)

While painting we've been listening mainly to Portugal The Man. We are long time fans of these guys and the newest album is just so darn gooood.

Well yep....that's about it over here. Aaron is feeling a bit better, still sniffling. I'm in a bit of a fog, and stressed over my mile long to-do list. I have no idea how it is Thursday already. My apologies again on the lack of excitement over here. 

Thanks so so much for popping in, it means more than you know!
xo Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. Damn cooties! Hope you guys feel better soon!

  2. I read your blog and never comment....bad girl..I here I am to say hello finally.

    Oh gosh, cold cooties..ya just want to chase down and smack who they came from. ha ha [seriously!]

    Take care and get well soon,
    Steph ♥

  3. Ohhhhhh I hope you both feel better soon!!

  4. When it rains....
    Here is my advice directly from Dory ("Finding Nemo"):
    It only takes 28 secs. to watch it! Diana Nyad must have chanted the same thing....

  5. Sometimes I get really excited about those kind of packages! and get well soon. xx

  6. I seriously love this blog; it has such a nice design with the always lovely posts :)

  7. Of course even your paint rags look gorgeous! I think if those were painted napkins or scarves I'd buy 'em.. haha. Hope the cold goes away soon!


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