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Hi guys! First, Oh gosh, we just really want to thank all of you for the incredibly kind words about the book! You guys are the greatest cheerleaders ever. And we are so excited to see that you are so excited!  As the release date nears we're almost giddy just thinking about you guys working along side us on all of these fun projects. And yes, that's the way we see it. It might sound corny but it's true. When we think about people reading our book and doing the projects, we sorta feel like we'll be joining each reader in their studio, offering tips, sharing secrets and paint color selections...And we just can't wait for everyone to share their results...we want you to show us your own masterpieces! And you better believe that we're gonna have a hashtag for that! Ha! can't wait!

And speaking of crafting along side us...We are just about a month and a half away from an event where we can literally all work at the same table together! Yes, Sweethearts on the Homefront is just round the corner! (the above pic is just a tiny sneak peek of the pretty details) And in case you're just tuning in now, Sweethearts on the Homefront is a super fabulous art event that's being held in Atlanta GA. Make sure to read all about the event. There are still a few seats available. We'll be instructing a class wherein everyone will create an amazing vintage inspired baking/recipe scrapbook. We're so so looking forward to the weekend of the event. It'll be one of those art filled magical getaways for everyone in attendance. And here's the really awesome might not have time in your schedule for an entire getaway...and in that case there's also an option to just take our class! So if you live anywhere near Atlanta you can sign up for the day, get creative with us, and make a super fabulous artful keepsake. Please come join us! We'll also be attending the Country Living Fair that very same weekend! So so excited!

Yep, Fall scents in full effect over here. Even if it is nearly 90 degrees and mega humid today...we are still absolutely loving our new Cider Donut candle. It's got a great throw...the entire first floor of our home smells delicious! But not too sweet...not artificial...smells perfect. Love it.

Not only is it is mega hot, and humid here today. But it's also raining and there is heavy duty thunder. We were planning on going for a walk but those plans are no more. We spent most of the morning in the studio working on some projects. We are big fans of crackle...see above, a finish that we're working on. There are so many crackle mediums and paints on the market, but the one we love the most is Texture Crackle by DecoArt. It works perfectly every time. And it's not a paint or a clear liquid. It's a thick spackle medium that you apply with a knife. Then when it's all dry you can rub some wash into the cracks for a look like you see above. Love it...such a great starting point.

Sadly, as I type this, there is a 10 alarm fire burning on the Seaside Boardwalk. This is the same Seaside that you saw in the news after Hurricane Sandy. That iconic photo of the rollercoaster in the ocean was taken on the Seaside Boardwalk. So currently it has been burning for more than 5 hours. We are watching the live news now and it is so so massive. Just heartbreaking. They just cut a twenty foot wide chunk out of the boardwalk hoping to create a big enough gap so that the fire won't spread down the entire boardwalk. Sadly, it doesn't look too hopeful. They had just rebuilt this entire boardwalk after Sandy...and now it's all gone again! Strong winds just keep carrying the flames farther north. We have watched it live on the news and it's uncanny how far it has spread right before our eyes. Jeez, send some good energy to Seaside. It's one of our very own summertime getaways and seeing it's destruction twice in a year is very upsetting.

Wow, ok...sorry to end on a sad note...but I couldn't help but share this. 
Again, we can't thank you guys enough for all of the positive thoughts, words, and energy you've been sending our way regarding the book. We are humbled by your love!
xoxo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. So sad about the fires ... I hope they get it under control!!

  2. I love your blog, very pretty :)

  3. Well I am no where near Atlanta.. but I am sure you will all have fun creating together! I will be taking a little vacation soon to Chicago and then Florida and I will be Treasure Hunting while in both places. Great news about your book you guys are just the perfect artists to share your trade secrets with us. Sorry about the heat and the fires it is such a drag... why does stuff like that happen?

  4. Nice to read this. nice blog. sad but fires though

  5. As a fellow Jersey girl, seeing the fire spreading on the news yesterday was absolutely heartbreaking. So many good summers were spent down at Seaside. I feel so bad for the many establishments that have to rebuild all over again.

    On a happier note, I love fall scents! I bought a candle from Bath & Body Works that smells like apple ale. I can't wait to start burning that! It does smell like beer, but not like a nasty beer scent. Ha!


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