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On this Friday Aaron is a bit under the weather, my brother Walt is just getting over something and I somehow dodged it. I mean we had a cold not even two weeks ago. Enough...I don't need the hassle.  It's quite warm today here on the shore. My parents are down from upstate NY for a visit and we are looking forward to getting together with them and the rest of the family hopefully tomorrow night. Our niece Olivia has gotten so big. We've been keeping up with her via pics on facebook, and phone calls...where she chatters real words but with enthusiasm she tells you plenty of "stories". We have a handful of things we must finish in the studio before we can take a little break so that is what today is about.

The above outfit. Yes, another Orla Kiely look...what can I say, I'm smitten! Oh! The black, cream, and mustard. I am all about adding bits of mustard yellow for fall. Our bedroom is on the darker side, grey walls and bedding...and we went with mustard and cream window treatments and we love it. I just adore the combination of color and pattern here! Would love to replicate the look!

Speaking of Orla Kiely...this is sorta camel meats mustard and it is so darn beautiful. Way way way outta my budget, by geez I just had to share it. I'm hoping to find something similar in my price range. 

Not exactly my colors...those pillows look almost reddish rust. But, I love the dramatic yet cozy feel of this bedroom. Eclectic, fabulous, and casually elegant.

Yes I know, we do not have any littles of our own, unless you count Carlos and Jack. But I just about died when I came across these itty bitty neon pink accented Sperry Top Siders! I can totaly see our niece Olivia wearing these...zooming all over the house, emptying her dresser drawers to refill them with toys! Aren't they the cuuuutest?

This made me laugh a lot! It is soooo Aaron! hilarious! Like that is totally his head. He is a blonde..but his facial hair is blonde and gingery. 

These Strawberry Almond Cake Bars look so beyond good. I imagine they'd be incredible as a dessert and possibly for breakfast with good coffee. That would be walking on the wild side for us...being that we are pretty much smoothie with spinach thrown in people...but its always good to get a little wild right? ;)

Ok, that's it for this Friday. It's a wonderful day. I hope yours it treating you fabulously!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. I think I mentioned here before that I love Orla Kiely too. I guess really everyone does! But I mean I really really do. If I could afford it, I would dress in Orla Kiely head to toe every day. :)

    Also, we just painted our walls grey and I love mustard too, especially in sweaters and cozy fabrics. I hope you guys enjoy family time this weekend!

  2. Loveeeeeeee these! Those baby shoes are adorable!!!!!!

  3. I cannot get over the gorgeousness of those baby shoes!


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