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It was a perfect Fall day today. In fact, the whole week was perfect really. We've been taking time to get caught up with a bunch of work and once all that stuff is cleared out we're looking forward to making new art in the new season. I've said about a million times that I'm a big fan of Autumn. October being my birth month might have a bit to do with it. I simply love the weather, the clothes, the overall mood... 
Earlier today I took a ride with Val, who is my little bro's girlfriend...we did hair and nails stuff...hit Target for a few...grabbed a dress...that sort of thing...a very rare girls day out for me...and how cool is it that me and Val are such great pals?! My brother Walt is a very lucky guy.
While I had my girls day out Aaron went over to spend a few hours at his parent's house and he had a great time. He also managed to make the visit productive by going for a ride with his dad to pick up some lumber for signs that we're currently painting. It's little breaks like this that recharge the soul...excursions with gal pals...relaxing with our parents, who are some of our closest friends...
We're thankful for these simple times and pleasures.  

Which brings me to these Friday Favorites...just some simple things that bring me pleasure. I adore this collection of bakeware from West Elm up above. Beautiful and useful. They're just simple and classic and refined enough to be show pieces for your table spread. I would bake and serve directly from this set. Gorgeous.

I know I've blogged these fabulous metal cabinets from IKEA before, but I came across this styled shot the other day and just fell in love all over again. I'm a sucker for greys and neutrals. I seriously hope to get one or two of these once we get to redoing some other rooms around here.

I'm loving the black and grey theme of these Friday wasn't even planned. But as you can see...when I'm in a Fall mood it's all black, grey, and earth tones. And instantly my mind is on fashion. The above statement is one that I have lived by forever and ever...and you should too!

Love this simple little idea! Adding the perfect shades and tones to a bundle of Fall acorns. I'd love to do this and display them in a creamy bowl on the coffee table maybe. What a great project to do with the kids too!

I really love both of these prints from Lettered & Lined via Scoutmob. The top one is totally perfect for my brother Walt...he certainly lives by this phrase. And jeez! this measurements print WILL hang in our new kitchen. I swear, it will be done before Winter sets in. I actually get all tingly thinking about having a brand new kitchen this Winter...maybe we'll have it done in time for me to make Thanksgiving dinner in an all new room!  

This recipe for "Brining" your t-shirts. Aaron is gonna give it a try. He owns about a million black t-shirts but only has a couple that have that actual butter soft vintage feel.

And Pumpkin Magic Cake would seriously hit the spot right now...and by "right now" I mean whenever it is that you choose to read this post. Three in the afternoon or three in the there ever a time when Pumpkin Magic Cake would not be 100% called for?! ha!

Ok, thanks again for joining me on this glorious Friday. I hope your weekend is amazing!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. i love those ikea cabinets.. LOVE them! I always like to see what you'll come up with in your friday favorites. Ive never heard of brining your t-shirts. let us know how it works. my husband only wears black t shirts as well. usually harley t-shirts with a front pocket. Do you needlefelt Jenny? you could make some really cute needlefelted acorns. maybe I'll send you some! glad you had a girls day out.. nothing beats them! have a nice weekend

    1. I know I so good!! Thanks so much for the kind words Viv! Happy to share my finds! Yeah... can't wait to brine some tees!! We'll be sure to blog it! I don't needlefelt...though I'd love to learn! Maybe when I get up to your area! ;) IT was a great time getting out of the studio and doing some girl stuff!! :) Val is a sweetie too!! Enjoy your day! Love ya! xo

  2. I love those cabinets too, but don't wait too long to get them! I've purchased a few items from Ikea, and someone comes along and decides they love it and need to have it too - and it's gone already! (after a few years)

  3. Pumpkin Magic?! I'm salivating embarrassingly...


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