Put away the flip flops and sandals...it's boot season!

It is feeling a bit more like Fall here on the NJ Shore. Just this past week I had been wearing flip flops and sandals, but in recent days the weather proved too chilly for my flimsy footwear. And did I happen to mention that nothing in the world could make me happier? Autumn weather is my favorite for fashion. I love layers...leggings, cardigans, boots...I live for boots. Which brings me to these seen above. I had been searching for these for a very long time...though I didn't know that they existed in real life. I simply had a mental picture of the perfect platform boot, and then one day I came across a tangible version of my fantasy boot. I am just smitten with these. I've been a platform boot girl forevs, and I lost a few pair in Hurricane Sandy. So I guess the universe figured it owed me a pair. I'm already living in these. They are so comfy and it feels like I've owned them forever. I know that some gals might find these absolutely hideous. Like...'oh gurl, what're you doing with those big ole' man boots?'  And I totally get it. Where I see perfection, you see Frankenstein. But jeez, for reals, if you were to give me a pencil and some blank paper, and said "draw your ideal footwear."...these boots would show up on that paper every single time. I love how chunky they are. And there's also a bit of a military aspect to my attraction to chunky boots. I like having my own uniform...I like being the sole member of my own army. And I like to pair big blocky stuff with pretty dainty girly things.

I know I will be wearing these things like non stop. I see myself wearing them for years! Maybe I should buy a backup pair right away. They are by the brand Vagabond. Love them to bits!

Oh and speaking of Fall! We picked up some of our fave apples the other day...Honeycrisp! When we drove out to Minnesota a couple years ago we got to talking to some locals about local foods. We were psyched about driving back home through Wisconsin so that we could pick up some Wisconsin cheeses at one of the shops along the interstate. Anyway, we were all discussing what foods certain states are known for...I think we mentioned Jersey Tomatoes...and one of the Minnesota gals told us that the Honeycrisp Apple was first born in Minnesota. We thanked her and her state since they were already at the top of our list. They are so so good! If you haven't had them, do yourself a favor and pick up a few. They are big, crisp, and sweet as honey.

And...did you really think I could stop at Cider Donut? Nope...the 2 for 22.00 sale gets me every time!! Today we're burning Pumpkin Cupcake. Aaron got out of the shower this morning and strolled into the living room where I had this burning for not even five minutes, and he said the whole downstairs smelled amazing! It does.

Chilly days and weekends full of work, cleaning, and organizing call for some yummy food. We felt pretty industrious over the weekend and moved about a million boxes of supplies and general "stuff". The organizing was long overdue and it needed to be done so that we can finally tackle the remaining rooms that were damaged in the hurricane. (can you believe that we are coming up on the year anniversary?!) So...we worked hard...and we needed a reward at the end of the day. That's where the homemade pizza comes in. Whole wheat crust, a quick homemade sauce, roasted eggplant, onions, fresh mozzarella and basil. After our long day we decompressed big time...and our bellies loved every minute of it.

Ok, and for any coffee nuts reading this, Aaron is in LOVE with our new Chemex. Like seriously. Ok, I am too...but let's let Aaron believe that it's "his thing". We've been French Press people for a few years now and thought that we were doing right by ourselves. Well, it turns out we were wrong...we were depriving ourselves from the wonderfulness offered by the Chemex. We first became intrigued after reading so many rave reviews, and seeing some awesome videos and tutorials on youtube. All these Chemex lovers really sounded legit...we just had to give it a try. And...drumroll...WOW! What a difference! We used the same bag of coffee that we had used in the French Press the day before. Brewed in the Chemex...it was mind blowing. A game changer. A where have you been all my life moment. You taste all the good parts of the coffee. The flavor is so clean and crisp and full bodied. Very hard to explain...but wow what a change. Perfect coffee. And at first you might find it a hassle if you are in a rush in the morning, but it becomes second nature. It's only day three and already we've got all the kinks worked out. But it does take about ten minutes I guess...so if you don't have those extra minutes in your morning, then you should at least try to make it your weekend thing. Trust me...it's so good and worth it.  

Ok, lastly...ummm.....how about Breaking Bad? Is it just too much to handle or what? Of course, no spoilers here. I know I've got busy readers who are married to their DVR. But man, I just had to bring it up and ask "What tha?!" 
Seriously, I don't know if I've ever been so effected by a tv show. Me and Aar were sitting there on the couch with knots in our stomachs. We also watch Talking Bad later in the evening and totally geek out on all the little details. I cannot believe that there are only two episodes left and that Kristin shot J.R. !!! ha! figured I'd throw in at least one spoiler.

ok, that's what's happening around here. How's your week shaping up?
xo, Jenny...& Aaron


  1. Boots are my most favorite to wear! I cant wait to purchase new ones!
    the pizza looks so good! im craving!
    also, I have been wanting a chemex for soooo long! I need to get one already!

    1. Oh yes yes! Me too. I've been known to wear them in summer... ; )

      And yes yes to a chemex! Incredible! The coffee is so clean!!! No bitterness whatsoever.

  2. Jenny, I think a cookbook might be in your future :)


  3. *so excited for fall!* I am on the lookout for a sweet pair of boots!

    1. Fall is my absolute favorite!!! I'm also an October baby, so maybe that has something to do with it. : )

      Yes to boots!!

  4. When I first saw the picture of the Chemex in your newsletter this am...it totally reminded me of the coffee pot Mary Tyler Moore used on her show!! She didn't have a "regular" coffee pot. She would pour the water over the coffee in a beaker very similar to this. Awesome for bringing back that memory!!

    1. Hi Geri!
      Oh my gosh! You are so so right!! She did use a Chemex!! So did James Bond!! Ha! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemex_Coffeemaker

      We love it so much! What a difference it makes! The coffee is so clean, and smooth, and there isn't even a hint of bitterness. Love it!!


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