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Hi, my name is Christina Gordon and I am an Artist/Printmaker living in Melbourne, Australia.  I sell and exhibit my one of a kind monoprints at The Print Guild Gallery in Fitzroy, Victoria, and I also have an Etsy Store where you can buy reproductions of my work.  I make dolls, toys and Blythe clothes under the name of JamFancy as well.

I think my main interests may be food, clothes, Japan, and France and food again.

Hi Guys! I'm Chantal, I live in sunny England with my gang of rescue babies; Effy the scruffbag poodle, Holly the sarcastic old husky cross, and Tofu the aggressive cuddle puss. I run the Ponychops shop where I sell my own unique style of hand painted shoes, Russian dolls and other fun stuff. I am Vegan, an animal lover, and I'm absolutely crazy about poodles. I'm a little obsessed with Hanson, drinking tea, and eating avocados. In my spare time I love to bake, hang out with my animals, and dye my hair.

Tumbleweeds Handcraft is home to the original wood veneer and gemstone sunglasses, a lifestyle brand based just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. We love a good adventure, and are now offering an array of accessories and necessities for your everyday adventure. We are a two person operation - our '79 Dodge van is our corporate office, our wood shop is a Jamboree Hall from the 40s and we are committed to a handcrafted lifestyle. We think LIFE IS RAD and we're happy to know you.
Check out our blog for updates on our life, studio and products - and the occasional animal photo to warm your heart. Doug + Beca


I am forever in awe of great talent. I feel like I put hours in every day just searching for unique talents out there. People who are tapping directly into their creative source and making very special things happen. I'm so grateful that these people let us in and show us what they're capable of...and that so many of them create artful products that are attainable for us admirers. It's such a generous gift to the world. I think this is the common thread that runs through JamFancy, Ponychops, and Tumbleweeds Handcraft. They are all wellsprings of talent and all of them humbly offer their gifts to the world...and allow us to take home a piece of their great talent. I'm honored to personally know some of these peeps and nothing makes me happier than being able to share my knowledge with all of you. These are all people who are worthy of your full attention and admiration and I hope you'll feel compelled to share their talents with everyone you know, thus spreading these special gifts even further. I can't thank you guys enough for always being interested in the special things that make our little world go round! Be sure to visit all the links'll fall in love with so much of what you'll find.

xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi! 


  1. oh, wow! Just LOVE the bunny on the macaron - and the circus lady - and the delightful Russian dolls. So many wonderful things in the world!
    Thanks for sharing them!

    1. Isn't everything wonderful?! Happy to share! Thanks so so much for visiting and for your sweet words! :) xo

  2. Wow, all of their products are sooooo fabulous! It was fun to meet them all.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Geez I know! Such talent! And so much fun! Happy to share! Thanks bunches for popping in! :) xo


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