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Hey guys! How's your weekend going? Hope you find some time to relax and enjoy this wonderful season. It has been a pretty darn productive weekend for us. We had gotten backed up with orders, which is always a great thing, but we get so stressed knowing our awesome customers are waiting for their artwork. We seriously can't thank them enough for being just so darn amazing, supportive, and understanding. It means so much to us! Our art will be hanging in their homes, and businesses! The whole idea of this concept will never ever get old to us. It will never feel any less thrilling than the very first time we ever sold a piece of our artwork. 

We love when we have a big crazy random selection of items being made and packed up all at once. Wooden signs, prints, plaques, sticker sheets, mixed media kits... It's so fun seeing it all together, laid out on the worktable in various stages of progress! In the above pic you see Aaron doing some hand lettering...yep, he's the Mack when it comes to hand lettering! 

A bunch of wooden signs and plaques drying. Peeking into the frame you can see that sign Aaron was working on, now in it's later stages, with some fab aging, distressing, and with an antiquing wash. And man, those hand painted faux gilded frames never get old! It was such a fun concept when we came up with it and we haven't even begun to expand upon the idea. That's another strong point of Aaron's...faux gilded frames. We did a bunch of those when we were doing mural work. One time we did them in a little girl's room and inside the frames we did paintings of flower fairies and their little worlds...we did some of the paintings to look as if the fairies were coming out of the frames and into the room. Anyway, our Gilded Sweetness collection (seen above) is one of our sweet & chic!

All of these will be off to new happy homes tomorrow! So thrilled to have gotten so much accomplished this weekend! 

Ohh see this?! We made pumpkin smoothies yesterday. So yum! and so filling! Vitamin packed! And we didn't have any specific recipe. We just threw what we figured would taste good into the blender...and the results were Yummo!

Pumpkin Smoothie

2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk (of course you can use sweetened) 
1 large banana
1 cup pumpkin
cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice to taste
1 tablespoon honey
1 cup ice cubes
1 scoop vanilla protein powder


serves 2

Ohhh and man, we have been spoiled the past two mornings in the coffee department. When I went to 'get-mah-hair-did' on Friday, I came home with some of our favorite locally roasted beans. Rook...Best Coffee is just fantastic! Their original tiny little shop sits in the lot right next door to the salon. I couldn't possibly come home without a bag of their famous beans! A big thanks to my sister for running over and getting us some! 

Ummm...if you follow me on instagram you may have seen this outrageousness the other day. I just had to share it here as well. Do you see this?! Like c''s absurd. My little brother Walt came home with this massive tray of Dunkin Donuts. He was on a service call at the factory. He does Heating & Cooling, and loves when he gets this particular service call. He has been known to eat 11 donuts in one day. Gross?...yes. Crazy?...yes.  
He's a youngin', and we tell him he has about 2 years tops, to get this type of gastronomical abuse out of his system. One day very soon he will cross over into an age that won't permit such gross abuses...his body will make him pay!  

The basket is seriously almost the width of our entire kitchen table! I have always wanted one of these big industrial trays lined with that perfect pink paper. Well now I'm half way there! Walt promises to get me a roll of the pink paper next time he's on a Dunkin Donuts factory service call! I'm thinking we may have to make a big big batch of our Faux Mini Donuts...but we'll make them full size in order to fit the tray. Seriously, how fun does this look?!
 Oh and I'll have you know that I didn't even cave! Aaron did! ha! The temptation was killing him! ha! He had been secretly craving a French Cruller for months. Luckily Walt has a bunch of donut loving friends, and within minutes he packed them up, escorted them out of our home and shared them with his buds. 

Ok, tonight! Tonight is THE night! We've been working all week long with the Breaking Bad marathon on in the background, just to fully get us on track to say goodbye forever. Seriously, how can it be over? It really is tough to grasp the concept. No matter how it ends...I know that I won't be let down. I have never once been let down by that show. I trust them to end it perfectly. Oh, and this necklace happens to be a real deal item for sale...pretty awesome right? ha! 

Alright, back to painting and packing and all the rest...and then, lock the door, shut off the phone, Breaking Bad is on!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron


  1. Absolutely love the cupcake paintings!

  2. i love your works!! You two are very talented!! I really think that!! even if the picture of the donuts almost corrupted me!
    xx Zoe

  3. oh my gosh, you've been busy lately! Love your wooden signs <3

  4. I love the font you're using for the cupcake sign, looks circus-y. When I threw my carnival party back in 2010, I became so immersed in planning it that I scoured the internet for serveware that had a diner/concession stand feel to them. I came upon this webstie called and they have everything you'd find in various food establishments. I mean...everything O.O My kitchen is really small so I try to cram as much kitsch as possible into, I'm "working on" this adorable cupcake tea kettle, a gumball machine printed napkin dispenser and a straw holder which I plan to fill with pink and blue paper straws. I completely gave up on trying to have an adult looking apartment lol soooo anyhoot, if you're at all interested, have a gander at the site, hopefully it helps in your never ending quest to make your home your own little(or big) dream come true :D


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