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First, we had some fantastically Fallish weather here on the NJ Shore today. Slightly chilly even! We initially had the windows open but quickly had to close 'em back up in order to cure our goosebumps. Our day started off with some really really fun mail! We received a package from our friend Beca, one half of Tumbleweeds Handcraft. Beca is seriously one of the coolest chicks around. We have not yet met in real life, but we've managed to cultivate our new friendship through instagram. Aaron and I just love her and Doug and it definitely has a lot to do with how much we can relate to them. On instagram we constantly check out pics of them working so so hard on perfecting their craft. There are always glimpses of them pulling all night work sessions in their shop, aka Pine Ridge. Tumbleweeds Handcraft, aka Beca and Doug, are the artists behind the original wood veneer sunglasses. Some of the most impressive and stylish handmade eyewear ever! They are incredible. And if being a mastercrafter isn't enough...Beca is a top notch baker! One of her specialties is my absolute favorite...yes...French macarons. And today's little care package yielded a sleeve of 'em...complete with a lovely message. I saw a whole bunch of them in progress a few days ago in one of her photos. How sweet of her to make these for her friends...and jeez I was so excited to be one of the very lucky recipients! well actually...WE. The card was addressed to Jenny & Aaron. ;)  

And another fun piece mail from today. A beautiful little Fall lookbook from Ambiance, a boutique in San Luis Obisbo, CA, and now with a new location in Paso Robles. I was contacted a few weeks ago about having our Gluten Free Black Bean Brownie recipe featured. How fun it was to receive a copy of their lookbook in the mail today and see our brownie recipe there among all this fab stuff! I love that it is so much more than a catalog of their fall offerings. It's more like a little lifestyle zine. If you are in their area be sure to check them out. If not, they have a fab instagram account! 

This happens to be the cleanest area of the studio. ha! What a disaster area. We are working on so many things right now. We are up to our elbows in bottles and tubes of paint, brushes, papers, sandpaper, scissors, bins, and baskets and boxes. When you jump from project to project, all in the same day, it just doesn't make sense to put stuff away...or maybe I'm just rationalizing my bad behavior. 

We love getting sign orders. And we're happy that we have been making and shipping a lot of them lately. We plan on painting some really fun signs in the next few months. We should have a bunch to debut for a big holiday shop update, early November. So stay tuned!

Ohh and have you watched Derek? Within 2 episodes we were hooked. We finished season one last night. We loved it. It really is such a strange show. Strange, in that it manages to balance odd, quirky, touching, serious, and silly themes and characters, without losing the narrative thread or without making you roll your eyes at the whole thing. It definitely struck a chord in us. You should give it a try. 

I'm not sure what we will watch tonight. We normally try to get an episode of something in before bed...just something to help us decompress a bit before trying to fall asleep. I'll let you know if we watch something good!

Thanks for popping in! Have a great rest of the week!
xo jenny...and Aaron


  1. I tried my very first macaron just the other week at a business conference. They're yummy!

  2. I so, so, SO need to make Macaroons - its been a longtime coming. They look so pretty!
    Its strange, I love Ricky Gervais.....but I didn't like 'Derek', can't put my finger on it.

    Have a great week lovely....

    (Dear Thirty)

  3. Even if I have to come to America, one day I need to try one of Beca's macarons! I love the sweet message on them too :)

  4. Oh those macarons look super yummy ^_^ I haven't even heard of this show. I'm on Netflix all the time, how did I miss that? Going to have to check it out soon!

  5. I've never had a macaron, I think it's about time I finally tried one! They always look so yummy! I just finished Derek too and I loved it. It's just so kind and sweet :)


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