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Hey kids! It's Thursday! Holy Crow! That means one week from today we will be in Atlanta! My gosh! Beyond excited but many things to do before we leave! I'm filled with lots of wacky energy today. It's one of those days where I have to be really aware of where I let my thoughts take me...or a domino effect could just have me starting thirty things and never finishing one. Above is a little peek at the cover of the scrapbook we are teaching at the event. We did a final run through of things and should be packing up all the kits within the next day or so. 

This is what our nights look like...working late in the studio, on a bunch of things all at once. Just hopping around from task to task. 

Look what arrived today! A box of our books! We'll be giving away a signed copy at the Sweethearts event next week, and yes...of course here on the blog!...Soon!!

This was a great way to start this week... Disney Baby included our Ombre Scallop Wall tutorial in a Modern Nursery Trend Watch article. 

Oh and my bearded dude totally needed some little bros, so before bed, and with morning coffee, these guys have been coming to life. They've still got some layers to go.

Things are going to get a bit hectic over the next few days, but we'll do our best to check in here with you guys. We have a yummy recipe to share, and we'll take some more pics of the kits. And of course we'll be taking tons of pics at the event! 

Hope you guys are having a great day! Earlier we had a conference call with our publisher and were discussing lots of exciting things...well, off to more stuff!

xo Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. So excited for you and your upcoming trip!!!!!

  2. Y'all are busy as bees non stop :)
    Oh how I wish I was going to be in Atlanta with y'all!
    Have a great time.


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