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Yes yes I know...It is Saturday. Yesterday was a complete whirlwind and I've got a whole bunch on my if I missed Friday Favorites so what? Let a girl be a lil crazy. Today it's actually a bit chilly here and I love it! Yesterday was warmer and I had many errands to run. One of my errands was to find a few "flying tops". And by flying tops I mean shirts or sweaters. Let me esplain (said in the accent of Mandy Patinkin's character in Princess Bride) day to day outfits, or should I say uniform, features a certain silhouette. It is always a dress...most often and flare, to the knee...tights or leggings, and a cardigan. Seriously, it is pretty much all I wear. Well, airport security has of 'em is shoe removal (no prob)...and one is cardigan removal (prob). If you've been reading the blog for a little while you already know I have my quirks...and I'm totally fine with saying I'm a weirdo. I'm just not into standing around sans sleeves. Yes yes I know I know...whats the big deal? But I've got lots of big deals in my tiny life. As stated above...I am a weirdo. Oh, and you might say..."wait, you mean to say that Jenny lives in Jersey...home of the hazy hot and humid 97 degree heatwave...and she wears cardigans all summer too?" And to that I say "you are darn tootin'"...I live a life wherein I write the from home...go where I want when I want...and can adhere to a strict dress code of my own be darned. Yeah, I make it sound snazzy...but trust don't wanna walk in these shoes. (insert pic of my frankenstein platforms)
So...since the TSA likes to strip off cardigans I had to find a new style of dress for flying. Enter "flying tops". Guess what these are?...Regular sweaters! Yep...these genius inventions known as "pull overs".   We ran to the grocery store to pick up just enough food to hold us over this week, so that we won't have to leave, since there is too much work to be done around here. And right near the grocery store is an Old Navy. I found some really cute inexpensive basic thin sweaters that pull over instead of button...and they shall be known as my "flying tops". 
Ok, enough silly bout some favorites?

That Ghostie sweater up there from ASOS pretty much rules! I'm an October baby and therefore Halloween holds a special place in my heart...and do cute ghosties.

And umm...check out these little fashionistas. Can I just have those outfits in my size please? These pieces are from the Jottum Fall/Winter collection. The beret is absolutely murdering me.

Ok, I may or may not have worn a (fake) gold two finger ring in my teens. Ok yes I did...and I still rock gold bamboo earrings today. This double wooden ring from Moorea Seal is so on my wishlist. I guess it's the grown up version that shouts out to my Video Music Box past. Fabulous!

I love this glittery Falling Leaves Garland tutorial from the girls over at 6th Street Design School. I feel like we're gonna be making lots of stuff once we get a little breathing room.

This printable Halloween Party pack from Mermag is so beyond cute. I love the illustrations. And I love classic Halloween colors.

This recipe for Roasted Butternut squash penne with pistachio pesto will be made in my kitchen in the days after we return from Atlanta. My fave grocery store has been stocking loads of attractive squash just begging to get cooked up in some deelish recipes like this one.

Ok, sorry for posting this a day late. Won't happen again...I hope. Anyway...back to the function...hope you all have a fab weekend!
xo Jenny...and Aaron says Hi!


  1. I loveeeeee that ghost sweater and loving those leaves!!!!

  2. Hi Jenny! I love reading your blog. Don't be worried about your quirks. We all have 'em. I am a teacher and I was talking to another teacher the other day. She told me that she hated art and thought there was no place for it in the classroom. She said it was a complete waste of time and energy. I had to get up and leave. I nearly lost my mind. She will hear a tyraid from me, once I calm down. I'm still pretty PO'ed about it. At any rate, it made me think of you and how stiffled you would have felt in her first grade classroom, with no creative outlet.

  3. Jenny, I totally relate to your sweater quirk, esp. with TSA. I was wearing a suit jacket that wasn't designed to wear with a full shirt underneath. Usually I probably would worn just a bra underneath. That day I had on a cami, but definitely not one that was made to be seen. It was black but really thin and shear. The TSA lady insisted I take off the jacket. I tried to tell her I basically only had a bra on, but that was a no go. It was really embarrassing standing there with my shear cami waiting for my luggage to be screened so I could go through the scanner and put my clothes back on! I suspect I would have received the full body treatment if I had only worn a bra! That jacket didn't even have pockets! I really think about what I'm going to wear before flying now.

    Have fun in ATL.

  4. I have the same uniform! I often wear a fitted long sleeve tee underneath the dresses though like a jumper. Thought i'd share my tip. Free People makes plain thermals with snazzy cuff detail which are my favorite layering tops for just this use.

  5. OH MY GOD THAT SWEATER! Absolutely amazing!


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