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Hey there! Thanks bunches for popping in, and Happy Friday! What a full week it's been for us. 
We feel pretty good about how much headway we made on our orders, and all the errands we ran...all the planning and organizing and prepping...just a whole lotta checking things off of our to-do list. We got out 95% of all of our open orders, and we'll be working all weekend on any remaining and new orders. My brother Walt and Aaron's brother are running a Tough Mudder tomorrow and originally we had planned on going as spectators. We thought it would be a fun time...a much needed change of pace...but we really can't break away. We're on a roll and interrupting the momentum would almost be painful...if that makes any sense?? What I mean is that I feel like we'd be full of stress just knowing that our work was sitting here at home and we were somewhere else. Yeah...that's the joy of self employment. Ha! But seriously, we love what we do...and being busy is always a gift. Maybe we'll wrap up everything tomorrow and we'll get a little window of free time on Sunday to get some air. 

Rainy and cool here today...Aaron was able to wear his denim jacket. Yeah, Aaron is crazy for denim jackets and has had a life long love of them. I myself am on the hunt for the perfect beat up denim vest. I'm also on the hunt for the perfect mustard yellow cardigan. I adore the above outfit...though my skirt would be a bit longer since I have about half the leg this gal does. 

And how cute is this outfit? That tiny little aqua bicycle pin just seals the deal! I love floral dresses with cardigans! 

And while we are talking fashion...I love love love this dress! I see black and white gingham as the perfect neutral. This dress is merely a starting point and can go so many fact I think I'm gonna sketch a few of those directions in my notebook. Every Fall I seem to fill a notebook with little outfit doodles and their coordinating shopping lists.

  As soon as the Fall weather hit we began making pancakes and waffles in the mornings. Next up is bread. Nothing warms a home like baking bread...and nothing warms the soul like the scent of fresh baked bread. Here are  5 bread recipes perfect for Fall. Me and Aaron will be doing at least one of 'em in the next few days.

Ahhh, how fantastic is this?  Of course when my mom saw it she immmediatly said "Dad can build you that in a weekend." 
 Being that they are currently building their cabin in the woods my dad is in full on building mode, and I don't doubt for a second that he could pull this off in a weekend. And yeah, that's their thing...they've got a little space to spare on their property and they constantly offer it up to us "kids"...saying how we can build cottages and have a family compound. Well, "compound" would be my dad's mom says "commune". ha! Anyway...I don't need a cottage...a one room A-frame with a daybed works just fine for me. And yeah, it must be painted black like this one.

How great are these Fashion icon Halloween costumes? So so good! I myself would love to see a tiny Karl Lagerfeld.

And here's another icon funny would it be to see a little Andy Warhol trick or treating at your door?...snapping pics and acting fascinated and disaffected all at once.

Oh! This! The color palette, the texture, that sofa... I love this combination of colors and elements. The golden yellow and black...with dark stained and weathered wood. All the chippy white paint and overall rustic magic of it all. Maybe I do need one of those aforementioned else will I be able to decorate all these dream rooms in my head? Oh jeez.

Ok, thanks so much for popping in again...I gotta get back to work...let the weekend begin!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron


  1. I read this five times. And I love you even more. That gold couch makes me weepy and swoony.

  2. & I bookmarked the bread recipes. Its going to be a busy week!!!

  3. Okay, I need that adorable tiny house in my back yard right now! I'm moving my craft room there and renaming it the craft clubhouse!

  4. I, too, would love that wee cottage in my backyard. A place to dream that it's really surrounded by trees in a lovely location.

  5. happy weekend Jenny and Aaron! dont forget to let me know when you head this way to visit your mom and dad. I'm looking forward to it!
    now I'm off for another cup a tea and then to do some halloween crafting!

  6. You guys are busy little bee's over there. Glad your business is going so well.

  7. great finds as always.
    that tiny »cottage«... omg i need one in my life and tiny anna is just to adorable, if i had a little girl, i'd totally dress her up like that for halloween. also, a big yes to the bread baking in fall. need to try these recipes too.
    have a lovely weekend.

  8. Lots and lots of wondrous goodies hi-lighted here. You and both my daughters have pretty much the same fashion loves and both of my daughters have mustard yellow cardigans! Stop by if you get a chance as I'm having a giveaway.



  10. That little house is so cute! And the Andy Warhol costume is awesome! Haha! xx

  11. That cardi is just so autumnal. I love mustard hues at this time of year. Something I definately need to add to my wardrobe. At the minute I'm really into simple pieces that I can mix and match lots of ways so that gingham dress is just perfect. Have a good week
    Kate xx

  12. sharing your favorite the golden sofa toooo!

  13. Hi Jenny! I love that sweater outfit! And the black and white checked dress? I owned one that seriously looked EXACTLY like it about 18 years ago! Loved it!! I would still be wearing it if I was as skinny as I used to be! Oh yes , those were the days... Homemade bread? Yes, please!! Nothing is more comforting or delicious than fresh bread and butter!! Yummm!!!


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