Product Review: Map My State typography art print

Hey friends! It was another sunny day on the NJ Shore. We had a morning full of packing and shipping orders, and our afternoon was spent prepping wood, organizing, and matting more prints. And speaking of prints...we really wanted to share our fave new piece of art for the home. Just recently we were contacted by Ashley from about possibly reviewing one of their state typography prints...and I gotta say...I don't think you could possibly find a better fit for a product review. 
Well first off, I don't think I need to remind you guys about our love for New Jersey, and just how much this highly recognizable silhouette means to us. In fact, you can probably recall a recent post about my love for my home state, and the fab NJ necklace I wear in honor of this place. We're coming up on the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, and as we redecorate our house and bring it that much closer to being our home, we always keep in mind our specific geography. This is our home and home is on the Jersey Shore. Through and through we feel deeply connected to this place. So yeah...Ashley hit the nail on the head when she thought that me and Aaron might love a New Jersey typography print. 

And here's something else that we love about our print from is the handy work of a husband & wife artist duo! Ashley and Ben. Me and Aar are a bit biased in this department of course. We love boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife artist teams. And we love how they started the company. The whole thing came together back in 2011, out of their own need for cool home decor. Unlike me and Aar, who are longtime devotees to this one place, Ashley and Ben moved around a whole lot and wanted to pay tribute to all of the wonderful places they had lived. So they did it with with some self made fab artwork. This artwork would soon evolve into the awesome typographic pieces that fill their amazing shop.

They've got prints available in 8" x 10" or 11" x 14"...and they're all $15! They've got states, cities, countries, and Canadian provinces. And there are a bunch of cool color ways to choose from. What we really loved is that we were able to customize it. The New Jersey print that we saw originally did not feature Asbury Park...but Ashley said they could add Asbury no problem...and also you can have them highlight the name of your town in a contrasting color if you want. 
We went with the 11" x 14" in classic black. It's printed on on premium, bright white, acid-free, 110# coverstock. It came unmatted and unframed, which we prefer...we had already had a shopping trip a new frame was in our very near future!

We found this simple, rustic black distressed frame at Michael's. And being that it was Michael's...of course it was on sale! We think it really worked out perfectly.
Being that we are still recovering from hurricane Sandy, and pretty much none of the house is in a finished state...we're thinking that this print may move around a few times, room to room, before it finds it's final perfect spot. But for now, it is hanging in our livingroom, and we really really love it! 

And yes...not only do they have all of these fab prints...they also offer mugs! Which we love! We are mug peeps for sure. Also, I think mugs are just the perfect gift! 

We really love our print and we can think of so many people that would love the work of Ashley and Ben. Whether it's folks like us, who love their one and only home state...or chronic travelers who would need an entire wall for their collection of map inspired artwork. Such a unique gift...great decor that is customizable and affordable. We hope that if you guys are looking for something special this holiday you'll pay a visit to Ashley & Ben at 

And get this...Ashley & Ben are offering Everyday is a Holiday readers 20% off their order! How great is that?! 
Use code "everyday"

And...if you spend a small portion of your on facebook then be sure to like Map My State on facebook! Spread the word about this fabulous artist duo! :)

Thanks to you guys for stopping by...and a big thanks to Ashley & Ben!

Love from the Jersey Shore, 
xo Jenny & Aaron


  1. I am checking out their site now! I would love one of Indiana :)

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