Sweethearts on the Homefront Class recap

I'm back with part 3 of our trip to the Sweethearts on the Homefront event in Atlanta. This of course was our favorite day...the day of our class. Ok, I'm sure you guys all know what your average hotel banquet room looks like. And I doubt that the picture in your mind resembles any of the photos you'll see in this post. Thats because Rosalyn Sue and Jenn Hayslip spared no expense in filling the room with tons of pretty vintage things. Pink everywhere, ruffles, flowers, antiques, jewelry boxes, custom handkerchiefs for the event, tons of silvered Ball jars...even a tiny little sewing machine!  

Like seriously, who decorates a banquet room right down to the itty bitty knick knacks?!

We were transported to a way sweeter and ruffly place than any of us had expected.

They really knew how to make all us girls...and one guy...feel really special.

The day of teaching first kicked off with a tearjerker from Rosalyn Sue. Her story about how she came to offer her services to Operation Stars and Stripes...and what being a Sweetheart on the Homefront means to her. Not a dry eye in the joint. The girl has got a heart of gold...and again...made us all feel that much more special for being there at an event that would benefit this great cause.

I've included some Instavids here...so be sure to click when you see them...for some action shots of everyone at work and chatting away.

There were a few tables just like this one. Each one beaming with just as many smiles. (this is a not so subtle hint to you gals who were on the fence about going to this event...or any art event for that matter. It's gonna be better than you expected...and once you see the post-event photos you'll wish you were there.)  

So the day started off with Andrea Singarella's Sweetheart Necklace class. Me and Aaron can identify Andrea's work at a glance...no matter what it is. There is just this absolute signature to her jewelry. Always vintagey...always containing hard to find elements...classic yet new...complex yet simple...and she knows how to use pastels. I sense BIG things on the horizon for Andrea. 

Ok...yeah, that's Aaron making a necklace. He did not walk into this class with confidence. He can paint good and craft good and generally make things look good. But jewelry scared him. He's got ex-jock fingers. Lot's of jammed and broken knuckles. So handling needle nose pliers and tiny wires didn't seem doable. But...guess what. He soldiered on and succeeded. Above you can see him sitting next to our new bestie Becky. She shared her tools with Aaron. And there's a funny detail about her tools. They were lent to her by her husband...and no...he does not make jewelry with them...nope...he's the kinda guy who can fix giant airplanes and deep sea oil rigs. So these were man tools that were being used for the girliest of projects. Proof that they were man tools was in the scent of them...like the great husband that he is he first oiled every tool up before packing them in the box for Becky. So...Aaron and Becky had a slight aroma of ultimate masculinity wafting around them.  

Just look at all the great looking stuff. You can see Andrea's very detailed instruction booklet. And yes...like us...she too has her kits for sale in her shop!

A little Instavid during Andrea's class.

Here's us with Becky. Aaron is modeling the Sweetheart necklace he made for me! And this is a funny detail...one of our favorite subjects to talk to Becky about is Breaking Bad. So it goes without saying that she was thrilled to be sitting next to a Heisenberg lookalike. 

After Andrea's class came to a close it was time for Lunch. Great food...and plus, every table was topped with a "Victory Garden" picnic basket loaded up with these tiny baskets full of custom made Ball jar cookies and some super gooood artisan caramel. On the plane ride home I found two of the caramels in my purse. What a treat on that cramped plane!

Then after lunch was our class. All of the imagery you see above we painted from scratch for this class. 

I feel like every type of group was represented. Mom's with daughters...Aunts and nieces...Mother in laws and daughter in laws...grandmas...sisters...friends...old and new...close and distant. We had lots to do in our class...so everyone got right down to business.

Lots of cutting, lots of mod podge.

Above you can see Andrea getting down with our kit. So cool...she made Aar feel a bit more confident in his jewelry making and he returned the favor with tips and tricks on collaging and antique washing.

We had everybody busy busy busy.

Another Instavid of everyone in action.

And before the class was through Jennifer Hayslip had every gal in the room pose for their own personal Sweetheart photo! 

Aaron's motto is craft 'til you drop. Which is exactly what he did right after our class. We had packed up all of our supplies to bring them back to our room...and we had planned on returning to do Heidi's class. But Aaron laid on the bed...and within just a few minutes I heard snoring! ha! I went back down to Heidi's class but I had left my camera back in the hotel room with sleeping beauty. So this is where the story ends. We had the best time and everyone seemed to really enjoy the class. For any of you who didn't get to go...we have kits listed in our shop right now and you can work along with us from home.

Thanks again for reading. Tomorrow will be the final roundup of our trip. Some shopping and exploring the greater Atlanta region! Stay tuned!

xo Jenny...and Aaron


  1. Ha ok so you are saying if Aaron can make the necklace so can I?? Serious anxiety I get over making jewelry I sat intensely at Jenn's event in Ashville, NC to Andrea and thought I was doing good and when I put the thing together it fell apart ahahahaha Seriously I wanted to cry. Well especially since a non crafter was there and had hers made. Oh well I think I am going to look for it get my glasses on and attemp to fix it thanks to Mr. A. He did a great job. I bought your kit can't wait to make it. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time...but of course! Grace xoox

  2. This is so great! It looks like you had so much fun and met a lot of great people. If I had the money to travel I would have loved to attended :) Anyway I'm glad it went well and congrats to Aaron on his new jewelry skillz :)

  3. Jenn, wish I could have attended - next time!! Anywho, if you run out of kits before I have the cash in about a week will there be more ever available? Love ya, Lori

  4. Ohhhhhhh I am loving the class photos!!! And so awesome that he made a necklace!!!!

  5. Wow! is all I can say! Beauty everywhere...not a single element overlooked. It was a pink fantasy and I could see that everyone had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing. <3

  6. I just finished up my journal (your class) from Atlanta and was thinking of you guys, naturally. :-) So I thought I'd check out your blog. Wow! You captured so many details of the event just right. It is fun to just sit here and relive it a bit. It was SUCH a joy to meet you both. Aaron seriously rocked that necklace kit. He's a natural! Thank you for the kind words too. Love and miss you guys!!


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