Filled with Gratitude and Smiling Big!

Ok, I really didn't anticipate being this excited about the book coming out. It's just one of those maybe when an actor makes a movie or, you work on it for so long...and you do all the editing and re-editing, and then it goes away for while to get made...and then it comes back to you and you're like "this is awesome!"...but then you get busy with real life and forget that pretty soon this thing will be in stores and anyone can just go pick it up!
 Well now that day is here and my excitement is not only's multiplied by a thousand. We asked our friends on Facebook if they'd be so kind as to snap a pic of their copy once they got it...and when we saw the physical book actually in the hands of other was SO EXCITING. I'm sorry if I'm saying that word too much. But here's the thing...and I know it should go without saying...but we really really stand behind this book. We just know that it's going to enhance the creative processes of our fellow art enthusiasts. Everything in the book is so do-able...and do-able for anyone...and I think they're gonna actually DO the projects...not just buy the book and set it on a shelf.

Please don't think this is self promotion. I really am this excited. I Reeeeally want people to get crafty with us. Me and Aaron can honestly say that making art has saved our lives...well ya know, maybe that sounds over dramatic...but I mean it saved us from living lives that are less colorful, less fun, less connected to a whole bunch of other wonderful people. 
For us, even though we're practically shut-ins, art is a community event. It directly connects us to other people...awesome people. And not just when we go teach at events. Even in just the day to day. Just sharing a pic of what's currently on your work table can get the online conversation started and inspire you to do more and make more.

So...ok, enough gushing. Now I just want to say thank wait...THANK YOU! ok, that's more like it. Yes, thank you to all of you who have either ordered the book or went out to the store to pick up a copy. 

We absolutely love getting pics. Our old friend Brian, who we know since high school, went out on release day, got a copy and snapped a pic...even though he had already pre-ordered and one would be showing up in the mail any minute! 

Our friend Jessee received her copy in the mail...along with some flooring and other good stuff. I'm thrilled to be a part of a friend's good mail day! 
And for some of our friends, their mailed copies seemed to arrive sooner than expected. Some even got copies before the actual release date...even some of our friends overseas got them early. 

And our dear friend Tammy...who is seriously just amazing...went right out and took this great pic...saying that the people around her at the bookstore thought she was nuts! Well, she's our kind of nuts!

And how adorbs is our friend Danielle?! Love this montage! She should try out for The Price is Right with the way she can model a product! :)

And I loved seeing this on Amazon! As you may know, Jenny Doh is a publishing phenom, and for Amazon to pair us with her book Craft-a-Doodle is just really really cool.

 It's getting very cold and gloomy in Jersey but me and Aar have super warm hearts from seeing all this. Big big smiles right now.

And ok...this next part is sorta self promotion. We'd love for anyone who has a copy to post a review on or Barnes and Noble. We just really wanna get the word out because we're really proud of this thing and want to share it with everyone.

And we want to see more pics of you guys with the book, or holding the book, or working with the book. Share them with us on Facebook, or Instagram, or email them to us...we'll definitely be sharing more on here. So please...send away!

I'm happy that our book came out in November...the Thankful month...the month that we dedicate to Gratitude. We're absolutely chock full of gratitude and couldn't be more thankful to you guys for making our world go round.
 Thanks again to all of you for being so sweet and supportive of this duo of recluses from the Jersey Shore. You save our lives every day!

xo, Jenny & Aarom


  1. Oh, Jenny and Aaron!! ♥*~CONGRATULATIONS!!♥*~ I'm thrilled for you both.

  2. So happy for2 wonderful people xxx

  3. Congratulations on the new book, and you should be excited. You have a new book! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  4. Congratulations! I was looking for your book on Veteran's day when i was at B&N--I couldn't find it, but I will try a different one!
    Congrats!!! :D

  5. I looooooooove this, and I'm so happy for you! Anyway I can order a signed copy directly from you? That would be AMAZING!

  6. I can' t wait to check it out at the book store.

  7. Your book was in my mailbox yesterday when I got home, I was so excited to get it! We ended up having sandwiches for dinner since I couldn't put it down!! You did a beautiful job, my first project will be the cake and second the bride & groom assemblage love them both so much!! Congratulations to you both!! Take care, Michelle in Manteo

  8. Congrats guys! I'm so happy for you that the book is getting such a good response! :)


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