Friday Favorites Holiday Shopping Guide Edition (part 1)

I've said it before and I'll say it again...This is my absolute favorite time of year! Feeling Autumn turn into Winter is such a great feeling if you're a gal like me who loves piling on the layers of clothing. Spanning back decades I can honestly say that I bought 99% of my wardrobe during this time of year and for this time of year. Like, if you say the word Fashion, for me there is a very specific time and aesthetic that I see in my mind's eye. Jackets, boots, lots of black and gray, and lots of getting cozy in some fab scarves and hats. It's also the time of year to pull out all of my most treasured collections. I've got great collections for every holiday on the calendar...but by far the Christmas stuff reigns supreme. And yeah, this is also the absolute best time of year to buy stuff. And I'm not just talking about holiday shopping and sales and all that. I'm thinking more of all the artists and makers that I know. Invariably, at this time of year, nearly every single one of 'em will make some of the best stuff that they make all year! And I'll be right there...front and center...trying to get my hands on whatever stuff I can get. 
So being that the timing is perfect for some great shopping, I figured I would switch up this week's Friday Favorites a bit...and instead I'd share with you my shopping "dream guide." A brief rundown of fave items from my absolute favorite artists/crafters/makers. 
It's inevitable that we'll all be doing plenty of shopping with the big guys. All that quick and easy stuff that's exclusively at Target...the basic foundation pieces of your wardrobe that you might find at the mall...and even the unbeatable deals for vintage Christmas ornies that can only be found on Ebay. 
But as people who love good stuff...and who love the people who make the good's our duty to get out there and keep the artists, crafters, and makers alive and well. We have to make sure that we do MOST of our shopping with the little guys
When you're shopping for holiday gifts you are bound to have at least one person on your list that gets it. That one person who loves the kind of stuff that you love. So for this person you have to do that vicarious gift shopping...ya know, that's when you are buying a gift to give to them, but deep down you are wishing that you are the recipient of the gift that you're giving. ;) ha! Anyway...this post is all about that kind of shopping...and these are some of my absolute fave little artists and makers.

Kate's shop Flapperdoodle , is a must! If you love the fab pieces you see above then your eyes are about to be dazzled. Flapperdoodle is simply chock full of perfectly rendered, perfectly chosen and edited original and artful gifts. I have been a fan of Kate's work forEVER and she never ceases to impress the daylights outta me!
And this next part should grab your attention...

Right now, Free Shipping on US orders over $10. Just use code: 10FREESHIP

Ok, I've gushed about Tumbleweeds Handcraft before...but certainly not nearly enough. Beca & Doug, the rad duo behind Tumbleweeds, are not only sweethearts, they also are gifted with hands that can turn any raw material into fancy, artful, lavish goods. I personally own some of their Sunglasses and marvel at the handmade wonder of them each and every time I pick them up. They're the kind of creative types that can intuit exactly what is your inner esthete is wanting, needing and craving. 
I know for certain that they are working around the clock right now to get orders out, so don't wait 'til last minute to get that special something for that special someone. The above handmade sunglasses and Adventure Utensils are merely the beginning. You must check out their shop! And they too have a special deal right now... 
Free Shipping in the US with code: FREESHIP

* ps. every single morning I enjoy my coffee from a Tumbleweeds "Life is Rad" mug. I will sip my coffee from this mug and only this mug. :)

Ashley of Secret Holiday  is the gifted designer and maker of the above Affirmation banners. For me, the simplest seeming things have the power to move me right down to my very core. Our "stay true" banner hangs right beside our bed and is pretty much the statement piece for the entire room (and maybe our life ;). The classic styling of Ashley's work is exactly what I'm usually drawn to for my home decor. The pieces are at once bold and subtle. And as life statements, these Affirmations seem to speak directly to my heart and soul. Check the Secret Holiday shop for all of the above and more!

I'm a long time fan of the work of Ashley G. Her abstracts, and cute girls being my favorites...but then there are also her typography pieces, like the above "Hustle", that's pretty much perfect...right?! You're probably familiar with her work...and even if you don't think you probably unknowingly are. Take a look through her seemingly endless collection of work in her shop and I bet you've pinned at least a half dozen of her images without even knowing it. Her art is definitely of the kind that screams out to be given as gift...after which, the recipient will scream out!

The incredibly talented and fun duo Heidi Kenney and Amanda Krueger  bring you the above:
For me, the holiday season is the season of making. And this fab, totally online, interactive, creative package is THE perfect pre holiday gift for your favorite artist/crafter/maker/baker. Well, odds are, this is a gift that you're going to give to yourself. Me and Aaron have already signed up for ours and you better believe that we're gonna share some of our Merry Advent adventures here on the blog! Just wait till you see all that's included in this deal...and for such a low price! The whole thing is 100% don't have to wait for a package to show up at your door. There are printables, audio and video tutorials...even recipes! You can choose from TONS of special projects and then select one for each day leading up to Christmas...and you can print out your actual 24 day Advent calendar...tack it up and cross off the projects as you go! I love stuff like this! There are all sorts of printable downloads...wrapping paper, tags, paper crafts. and Aar can't wait to get going on ours. Of course we'll be super busy in the lead-up to Christmas, but for us, making stuff is how we take a break from making other stuff. You gotta check this perfect to do with a friend too!

I adore Erin's shop: Sunshine and Carousels. I wear my black turban bow headband almost daily. If I wasn't so addicted to wearing a daily uniform I think I could go broke within a few minutes on Sunshine and Carousels. There are just so so many fab pieces. If you are an accessories junkie...or even  just a weekend dabbler...her shop is the be all end all. Great for everyday pieces, but...if there is a special occasion coming up on my social calendar this is the shop that I visit first. I usually have my outfit figured out...but it's the accessories that let the world know that you came to Party! :)  

And as if the gal isn't filling everyone up with envy already...Erin has a second shop called CaroselloFete specializing in beautiful handmade brass jewelry! I own this star necklace and love it so much! And I get asked where I got this more than anything else that I own. Seriously...everyone I meet wants one of these! And the shop is filled with so much more...tons of necklaces...dangling earrings. You gotta go see. And yeah...since the holidays are approaching...maybe you can possibly pick up a gift for someone other than yourself! ;) But if biggie...leave any guilt by the side of the road...that stuff is too much of a burden to carry. Ha!

I hope you guys connect with some of these fab people, places and things on my Shopping Guide. If I've got even a smidge of the intuition that I think I have, then I'm expecting lots of happy shopping in the near future! Thanks so much again! Happy pre-holiday season!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi!

ps. I'll be back next Friday with another Holiday Shopping Guide!


  1. Loving all the goodies you have on here this week! I am loving those shades!!!!!

  2. Such wonderful goodies! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy weekend and love to you!


  3. Great finds! I just saw that Advent Calendar on My Paper Crane's blog. One of these days I'll have to buy it!


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