Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys! We hope all of you are enjoying the day in whatever way you like. 
Me and Aaron really have a whole bunch to be thankful for this year both in our regular life and artful life. And all of you guys who are our friends...old and new...have been such a big part of the great changes and growth that we've experienced over the past year. We can both honestly say that we cannot remember feeling this positive in a very long time. And for us, we gauge our happiness and positivity by our interactions with the people who matter to us. We really believe in "you get what you give."
We've been trying hard to give more and more of ourselves in the best ways we know how...and as a result we've been showered with friendship, kindness, and opportunity. The whole concept seems so simple...but it's probably even more simple to forget how easy it is. You can lose track of things in the busy day-to-days of life. 
We seriously want to thank you guys for not letting us lose track! We try to put our best selves forward...and in return you guys have given us your best selves. Thanks So Much!!
Again, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...ours is So much better just knowing that you are all a part of it!
xoxo, Jenny & Aaron  


  1. Thanks Jenny and Aaron for the special holiday special! The only other things I would love from you guys are notecards! They would be so cute! xx, Julie


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xo Jenny & Aaron

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