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Hey friends! How the heck is it Thursday? Seriously, how? This week has zoomed by and our heads are kinda spinning. When we got back from Atlanta we hit the ground running as far as deadlines and work. We've got these check lists with lots of little things, medium sized things, and some BIG things. The BIG things are very exciting, and again, sorry we can't give you any more info just yet. But it won't be too much longer...ha! One of the medium sized tasks was to ship out a bunch of orders, including a batch of our JUMBO wood die cuts. As we were packing them up we realized we've never taken a pic of either of us holding one and that the pics in our shop might not fully illustrate how big and fun these things are. They are some of our all time fave things we've ever designed. 
 Whenever we get pics from happy customers of them hanging in fun home kitchens, nurseries, bakeries and cafes it makes us super happy. They are totally room makers! They bring the FUN to the room! Like can you not smile at a big giant cupcake on the wall?!

Oh hi! yep! Here we are just before we took a walk around town the other day. We had just finished up a big project, felt happy with our progress, but at the same time we felt like we needed to press the reset button. We do this all the time when the weather permits...we just walk, talk, get some air, and start over once we get home. 

The studio was a total disaster from that last minute work and running around before we left for Atlanta. Any time we go out of town we leave the studio in shambles. It's the only way to operate. But...when you arrive back home it's a tad bit disheartening to not be able to work due to the wreck of the place. So after a few hours of organizing, dusting, sweeping, and mopping...things are ready to be messed up all over again! ha! 

I mentioned that we were just so blown away by the kindness and love from the sweet gals that attended the Sweethearts on the Homefront event. Some gals are blog friends, some are long time customers and collectors of our art, and some are brand new friends. We received some of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts. Seen directly above and in the pics below are just a few of 'em.
A gal named Tammy knows me so so well. How adorable is the above vintage Angel Candle Holders box? The colors! The illustrations! And all of the the tiny wooden painted angels are still inside! And check out that adorable little frozen charlotte!

Yes, this is a vintage clutch, with a vintage poodle pin! Too cute right?

And this book is so amazing! The colors throughout are fantastic! The recipes lean toward comical due to them being from that weird era of cookbooks that featured lots foods sculpted to look like "sweets" even though they are "salts". Such as this party loaf above that appears to be a pretty cake...but nope...there are olives and meat in that epicurean work of art!

Another sweetheart named Becky gifted us this towel, hand mixer, and cookie press. She knows my color tastes pretty well! And seriously, me and Aar were only in The South for a few days...but I can vouch for the statement on the towel. 

And knowing that Aaron is crazy for books, old papers, ephemera...Becky gifted him with some family  treasures. Including this first edition book of poetry that was actually inscribed by the author way back in 1897!

 And guess who was listening to Peggy Lee's Strawberry Snow the other day? Yep! We are ready for ornament making. We've got our music queued up and we're all set to get the production line rolling from room to room over here. I already got started on a handful of the ornaments and I have the blisters on my hands to prove it. Yeah, sometimes I'm one of those gals who keeps on cutting with dull scissors even though there are some way sharper ones in the next room. A masochistic crafter if you will. I spent hours cutting through thick mat board and then sanding the edges smooth. But please don't let my crafting battle scars keep you from ordering your very own cupcakes, or houses. I eventually found the better scissors, and now my cutting is pain free.  

We're thrilled to say that we've got Holiday prints and ornaments in the shop  right now...and there will be more to come!

Annnnd it's November!! Which means our book hits stores within days! So exciting!! 

And this is pretty cool. We're about to have our first Book Signing!!
 If you are in the Bethlehem / Easton Pennsylvania area come on out to Barnes & Noble on November 22! We'll be signing books and chatting a bit about Mixed Media Art and Art Journaling! We would love to meet you! Moleskine journals is hosting some fun stuff too so it should be a really fun evening! 

Apologies on letting this week run away on us. I wish I was able to blog more. I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Faves...and a recipe this weekend!

Love you guys!
xo Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. SO exciting about the book, congrats a million!

  2. That's all so Crazy awesome! From gifts, to Brenda Lee to your BOOK SIGNING!!!!

  3. So excited about the book!! I am LOVING that poodle!!!!!

  4. So many wonderful things to look at. You guys are busy, busy! Congratulations on your book! Exciting!!

  5. Jenny,
    I thought about you this morning. I went to target and got some cute reindeer in "Your" color or very close to it. They come in brown and pink too. Love your blog :)

  6. I am looking forward to driving to my local bookstore and hunting down and blogging about you guys and your mixed media book! You guys are ROCK stars!!!!! xo

  7. Congrats on the book and book signing! I'll admit, I got SUPER excited when I saw your ornaments. So cute! I want a tree full of cupcakes!


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