Sunday Funday

We woke up today knowing we had a handful of things to check off our to do list, but we also knew that we'd be taking a trip to Target. For shut ins like us a trip to Target is akin to ummm I dunno...maybe a trip to Disneyland? If you guys knew just how little we leave the house you wouldn't think I'm being too far fetched with that comparison. My hankering for Target had been spurred on by seeing the goodies in the dollar bins show up on Instagram over the past few days. I vowed that I'd get over there before it was all gone. 

So yeah, before going to Target the day started off as usual. Above is my view from this morning and every morning of the year. I always sing "Same view different daaaay". This is it...the only change will be whether the hood is up or down. As you can tell from this one it was a chilly morning.

Between me and Aaron you'll find our pup Carlos curled up. And across the room on his own big puffy chair is where you'll find this guy and his good boy blankie. It's beat up and has been washed a million times, but he loves it. He can be found anytime of the day in a ball under it. Sometimes he peeks out to see what we are up to. Especially when he smells pancakes. 

As I mentioned the other day, our jumbo diecuts are some of our absolute favorite pieces to make and we just love shipping them off to new homes! We get so excited knowing that people "get it". They know that one of these can really just transform the vibe of a room.  

I shared these pics on Instagram today and a few gals had to do double takes...thinking this was a real deal giant bottle of extract. ha! We take that as a very big compliment! Our diecuts are all made from big crisp detailed prints of our original if that looks like an actual bottle, then we have succeeded with our paint brushes. They're all made of 1/2 inch thick birch that Aaron cuts on the scroll saw. They're sanded smooth, lots of hand painted details are added, the backs are painted, affixed with our label, and they've got teeth on back to hang them by. They really are a high quality item. One of favorite creations. 

Ok, so after some morning chores it was time for our Target run. And I'm gonna say that you guys should take "Target run" literally...because you should RUN...not Target right now! The dollar bins are brimming with these incredibly cute goodies! I was grinning ear to ear while digging through the stuff. Everything is so me...and probably you as well. And all this stuff is just a dollar each! geez! So good!!

And these are also Target...not from the dollar bins...but cheap. How adorable are these little guys? A sweet blog reader named Stephanie left me a comment letting me know about them! And boy does she know me well! They are so so close to some true vintage ornaments I used to have. So retro! They are $3.00 I I just couldn't pass them up. 
But if you hit up Target and your adorable reindeer don't look precisely like these two it's only because I changed their bows. They came with pipe cleaner "scarves" but they just weren't my colors. This twine worked perfectly.

I picked up a few more things I'll share another day. It was a fun little trip. Aaron found himself a great shirt that looks like he's owned it forever. So we both came home pretty happy.

Ok, this was just a tiny Sunday Funday say hi, and to tell you to get over to Target. This stuff is sooo up "our" alley isn't it? 

xo, Jenny...and Aaron


  1. I just wanna spend a day with you!!! So creative and FUN!!

  2. I really do have to get to Target. I don't go often enough and clearly I am missing out! Those deer! :)

  3. OMYGOSH!!! Loving the new pieces and love love love the reindeer!!!

  4. Those ornaments are so cute! Going to have to go to Target!

  5. Must go to Target..those reindeer are adorable! That vanilla extract bottle is awesome!

  6. Ha! Also work form home and I am similarly "shut-in" a good majority of the time. Had to laugh at the Target story because I did the same thing this past Friday and was just as excited! Picked up a bunch of the same things from the dollar aisle too (highlight of my trip!)...

  7. Ah, I must go to Target today after seeing your little purchases! Thanks for sharing!!

    <3 Kelsey
    Be Like The Fox

  8. I love the little bows you added to the reindeer! I might have to do that.

  9. I love the diecuts so much! I will own one! haha :)
    Target is awesome... actually.. I am on my way there :)

  10. My goodness, just now getting a chance to read this and need to get to Target first thing tomorrow and get some reindeers!! Love you 2!!

  11. The diecuts are super fabulous - I love them. And I'm SO JEALOUS about those Target decorations. I wish I could get them in England!


  12. Woo hoo! I got the pink and blue reindeer today! Thanks for the tip. I'm new to your blog, but as a mixed media artist/journaler and lover of color and vintagy goodness I'm enjoying your blog and can't wait to take a look at your new book. Congrats!


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