And so it begins...the Holiday Rush!

Hey guys! Well the first week of December is nearing it's end. Our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday right into Cyber Monday Sale was a great success! We are so incredibly thankful for all of the orders and so excited to know that our art will be a part of all of these homes and fabulous holiday gift giving! We have been working like mad all week. And we nearly feel like we can toot our own horns a tiny bit... we've been killin it! The thing with our art and shop selection is that there are so many different kinds of things! We try to work in a production line style as much as possible, and all the hopping around to different mediums keeps us fresh. In the span of a day we have to bounce around between the following: matting prints,  making ornaments...all different types of ornaments, painting wooden signs, cutting out die cuts outside on the scroll saw, putting together art kits....and then there's all the packing. It never gets boring. 

Our nights have been spent painting lots and lots of wooden signs. I swear every surface on the first floor was covered with boards laid out to dry. Aaron had to finally take to the floor and lay out some cardboard boxes.

All the hard work totally paid off! We've been shipping almost daily. Today's packages were filled with such great orders! So many fun pieces. We love seeing the combinations of items that each collector chooses. 

See these? They are all big wooden plaques! Wood mounted prints of some of our all time best selling paintings. We've been asked over and over about bringing back plaques, and guys got your wish! We will be adding some to the shop tonight! They are 11x14 and are ready to hang! No need to go buy a frame! Hooray! 

(press play above)

There has been sooo much of this going on over here! And we couldn't be happier!! Once that bow of bakery twine is tied we know that a box is about to be packed and sent off to it's new home. 

This here is a very special package that went out to a long time collector of our work. A fella in Brooklyn, who happens to be one of our very first online collectors...going way way back to maybe 2006 or earlier. We don't actually offer our faux mini doughnuts for sale since it just isn't very time or cost effective for us...but we made an exception upon our old friend's special request. And we love these things! They're one of our favorite projects in our book

We added a few new Starlet ornaments to the shop too!! Yes...Pink hair! And Aqua too! 

Oh hey! 

Stacks and stacks of boxes headed to homes all over.

And we also added Charlotte ornaments to the shop! She has been our muse for years and years.

It really was a busy week and we're thrilled to be taking a little time off tomorrow! 

Yup...tomorrow is the Country Living Fair in Tarrytown NY, and we are going with a few local gals. Super excited! It happens to be outdoors, but with "heated tents" we shall see what that means. Its supposed to be quite cold and raining the entire day. Oh well...I guess my hair will be a big cotton candy wreck by the end of the day. But if we find a few treasures, and meet up with some friends it'll be all good. Anyone else going? We'd love to see you there!

xo, Jenny...and Aaron 


  1. Oh wow! I love these, especially the cupcake board, :). Perfect for a kitchen!

  2. So happy you guys are making many trips to the post office! Have a great time at the fair. xoxo

  3. EEEEK! I love this post! I'm SO excited! I feel like a little kid again....wah! Oh and I just got your book but didn't have time to flip through the whole thing because I'm cleaning up and decorating for Christmas but yeah, I'm making those donuts. They go with my sweet treats bakery shelf. I think I'm about to burst into a million pieces of pastel sprinkles. Thank you guys so much, yall are like a cute cool version of Barbie and Ken! <3

  4. Love love love love these!!!! So gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love to read book and your shop is really great. You did a great job. Interior design ideas

  6. Enjoy your day off and show us pics of the big event.

  7. Those wood signs are wonderful! Love them!!

  8. Just amazing - pretty soon you're gonna be bigger than a 2 person operation! I can just imagine y'all over there working like little elves in Santa's workshop! What a beautiful world is pink and aqua!!! Love to you both and have a fantastic day at Country Living fair!!

  9. SO happy you are having such a wonderful season selling your beautiful artwork! Love the wooden plaques! Have a wonderful time at the fair! xo Heather

  10. I just finished my Christmas shopping with you guys! My third order this season!! I wish you both a Merry Christmas! Michelle in Manteo

  11. Your blog is so beautiful. I want to come visit you all! How did you make that cupcake sign? That is so beautiful. Come visit our page at we're making homemade bath and body products. :-)


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