Working, building, never stopping, never sleeping, working, making, some for selling, some for keeping

Greetings from the North Pole...yes, still in full on elf mode! I had posted this pic on Instagram the other day with a caption making reference to the film Waiting For Guffman...namely, the Stool Boom song. I love everything about this movie...but Stool Boom seems to stick in my head the most. Whenever me and Aaron are working long long days, and doing similar tasks over and over again, we'll often sing a line or two from Stool Boom..."working, building, never stopping, never sleeping. working, making, some for selling, some for keeping." 
I provided a little sample in the video below.  

Lots and lots of gluing up, cutting out, sanding, painting, glittering. A whole lot goes into each ornament. I use an antique sugar bowl from Aaron's Mom-Mom for my clear crystal glitter.

We seriously love love love putting together each order. Seeing what each customer has chosen...what they paired together. Wrapping them all up is the best part. It's the cleanest and most delicate part of our day. We love making everything pretty for presentation.

Amid all the craziness I signed up for the Goody Goody Gift Swap...which is a Holiday gift swap for creatives. The participants list was amazing! Seriously, take a moment to just browse through and check out all of the talented folks. Even though the swap is over you can still take a peek into the worlds of so many new artists, makers, and crafters. 

I went with a simple, clean, and classic wrapping for my partner. I loved the kraft paper with snowflakes pattern...and it has burlap texture. As always I added some twine...this one is red, white and pink. 

I color copied some of my favorite vintage "snow day" photos, and then I bolstered them so that they'd feel just like the original photos. To bolster them I just mod podged the copies to some card stock, let them dry, and then cut them out. Then I added a light dusting of clear crystal glitter highlights to the snowdrifts and trees. To finish off the bow I added a little cream bottle brush wreath and tiny satin ball ornaments .

We were packing way into the night last night...and this morning we weighed and labeled all the packages. 

And here you have our shipping department...Carlos and Jack. Carlos is Floor Supervisor, and Jack is Quality Control.

We were so happy to get out so many orders today! We worked super hard to make it happen and we are back at it right now. Tonight will be a late night. Hoping to have another big shipping day tomorrow! If you are waiting on a package, we are doing our very best! Thanks SO much!

Love from the cold, rainy, snowy NJ Shore, 
xo Jenny & Aaron


  1. Love your style! All the pastels & glitter!

  2. I just looooove your style, Gorgeous colours, and all so pretty and Feminine xxx

  3. Miss thing you are so super duper cute!! Santa is going to be really good to you 2 xoox Grace

  4. Everything is amazing!!! I loveeeeeeeeee the dog quality control!!!!!!

  5. Everything looks fantastic! And it's great to see your shipping department is on top of things.

  6. I absolutely love seeing all of your behind the scenes photos on Instagram. You two are such an inspiration to me. This year was my very first experience with a "holiday rush" with two bulk orders. I painted more than I have in my entire life! But nothing compared to what you two crank out :) I love your style too, hopefully next year I'll be able to add one of your pieces to my collection.

  7. Thank yall so much for all the happiness you bring to me and other does look like the North Pole there and Carlos and Jack make perfect little elves! If I lived closer, you better believe I would be right there with yall helping out! Love to you and Aaron everyday....


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