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Hey friends! It's Friday...and it feels like it. We had a very full week of busy work. That means lots of planning, organizing, painting, shipping, sketching, cooking, eating. Not too much excitement. Our big thrill is watching Boardwalk Empire. We're currently on Season 2 episode 9. We try to watch an episode every night when we sit down to eat the meal we made together. And then we watch another episode right before bed. I love that we don't have to wait a week between episodes. Love this show! 

Baking is my happy place. I've been doing a little this fact, as I type this the house still smells like the warm carrot/zucchini/apple bread I baked earlier. But that's another story. I'm already onto my next confectionary mission... Lemon bars! I LOVE 'em. When I came across the recipe and the above photo on pinterest I was immediately brought back to my childhood. Lemon bars were a staple on my mom's go-to menu. I totally need to make them soon! 

Yes, I have my girly side. I collect vintage bunnies, our artwork features pink in a big way...also sweets, playful polka dots and pastels...but at home I always balance that sweetness with some classic masculine pieces. I love rustic old wood, and industrial metal pieces. This cabinet is right up my alley. Sorta how my personal style always balances the two. I've got pink hair, but for me it only works if I'm also wearing my big black platform boots. I'd love this cabinet filled to the brim with pastel vintage paper mach rabbits. That's what would feel just right to me.  

As I had mentioned the other day, I am so over winter. Give me Spring and give it to me now! And this Spring I would love a classic tan trench! I'd make it work with everything. It's totally on my wish list! 

This beauty right here is the Kendall Sofa from World Market. I have been going back to visit it on the website over and over for quite some time. We've been needing a new sofa and chair for a while, but we just never come across anything that we love, or if we do love will be waaaay out of our price range. We are looking forward to finishing up the house renovations and a new sofa and chair are necessary to complete the living room.
So finally, we came across a sofa that seemed perfect for us. Leave it to World Market to always have my number! And they also had a huge sale on all of their furniture. So guess what?...I finally did it! We ordered it and it's matching chair

And the chair arrived today. It came via Fed Ex. It just got dropped off on our doorstep in a box...all we had to do was screw on the legs. And while we were screwing on the legs, Jack instantly took a seat right next to it and gave us that look that you see above. We know what he's saying with that look...he's saying "thank you for buying me a new chair." ha! Seriously...he knows a comfy chair when he sees one. The sofa will arrive next week. I just love this set...classic, clean, slightly masculine... 
We also stopped by Lowes and picked up some paint for the kitchen and grabbed paint chips to look at for the livingroom.

You may remember our new ottoman that we shared last month, which is also from World Market. It's the same style as our sofa and chair but in a dusty teal. I love it when a plan comes together.

And finally, there's this quote, which is available as a print. I'm thinking of getting it for our studio wall, which is full already...but maybe I can make it fit. It's such a simple statement that we should all aspire to.

Ok, Happy Friday everyone! I hope yours was fabulous. I'm looking forward to a productive weekend.
Thanks for reading!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi! 


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh that couch and chair are gorgeous and loving the cabinet!!!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the whole living room come together! Working some Jenny and Aaron magic in that room...

  3. I love a trench, it's such a classic look and really will go with everything!

  4. I love lemon bars too! I've never made them myself before but I'll probably be making them soon. I looovee that couch and chairs!!


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